How to Complain About Fast Food / Takeaway Companies


Sometimes there’s nothing better than picking up your phone and ordering a fast food delivery or heading to a local fast food place and picking it up yourself. But what happens when things go wrong?

Sometimes items you ordered and paid for aren’t included in your delivery, or you become ill after eating your meal. Either way it’s likely that you’ll want to file a complaint. So how exactly should you go about it?

How to Write a Complaint About a Fast Food or Takeaway Company?

  1. Make sure you have given the establishment in question the chance to put right whatever went wrong.
  2. Once that opportunity has passed, write everything that has taken place down before you forget any of the important details.
  3. When drafting your complaint remember to be as courteous as polite as possible, avoid being rude or unprofessional.
  4. Provide evidence (photos/order receipts etc.) to support your claims.
  5. Include your contact information so they can get in touch to offer a resolution or provide details of any investigations they are undertaking.

When Should You Complain About a Fast Food or Takeaway Company?

Most issues that you will encounter can be resolved by simply asking the company in question to put it right at the time of the order or delivery.

For example, if you received the wrong food, or your food was cold upon arrival, you can simply contact the fast food establishment to explain the issue and they should be able to resolve it there and then.

However, there are a few instances where it is necessary for you to file a complaint.

  • You experienced incredibly rude service staff either in the fast food location or from the delivery driver
  • Your food was stolen or never arrived despite repeated attempts to contact the establishment in question
  • You witnessed unhygienic or dangerous food practices at their establishment
  • You suffered inexplicably long waiting times to receive your food
  • You were served food that was dangerously undercooked, raw, or (in some cases) still frozen

Why File a Fast Food Complaint?

Whilst filing a complaint might not sound like the most thrilling activity, it’s important to let the company responsible know about their wrongdoings. Sometimes it’s the only way to you can come to an acceptable resolution for your situation.

It may be that that compliant refers to a catalogue of errors that have accumulated during your experience with a certain company, or that you’ve become seriously ill after consuming one of their meals and the complaint is the first necessary step of more serious proceedings.

Finally, if you have an issue with a particular delivery driver or member of staff at a fast food establishment, your complaint may be the evidence they need to carry out training or disciplinary proceedings against that employee. In many instances, management are unaware of problems with staff until they are highlighted by actions such as a complaint.

Possible Result of Filing a Complaint?

It’s possible that first and foremost you may receive a complete refund on your order (if you haven’t already). You may also be offered vouchers or coupons to give their company another shot to get it right.

Furthermore, your complaint may kick-start employee disciplinary proceedings or more general staff re-training to make sure what happened to you doesn’t happen to any other customers.

Lastly, you are at least likely to receive some kind of apology, written or otherwise.

Where to Complain About a Fast Food/Takeaway Company?

If your complaint is not taken seriously, then it’s time to increase the amount of exposure to your incident by giving it the publicity it deserves. This is where we come in.

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