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No good recived for the second time

O my god on goods delivered for the second time shein have my money and I have no goods I’m very in happy I want to get my goods or money and compensation as soon as possible 3 weeks waiting...

collect to many information for simple...

Application freewallet is not working on the newest version of Android, nobody told you that, and for that reason i need to reset my 2FA.Speak with support and provide them a lot of information ID, picture , mail etc. and in...


Ordered from door dash revived only half the order and it was cold again. Complained to door dash and they said they would credit me the money Call Edinburgh store next morning to complain asked for manager. She said that she...

Card not Valid

On Friday, September,1 2023 I attempted to login to my Direct Express account on the mobile app like I have many times previously never having a problem before. After I attempted to login I received a message stating that my...

Refund for spares not received

Paid online order and Defy Appliances ed there is no stock I am still waiting for my refund since 11 Aug 23 Hannie Niemand

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Buyer protection

Two different sellers shipped items thru USPS their choise with signature required Mail worker came by supposedly scanned items and got signature. That did not happen. have video to prove. Ebay closed case In their words Having reviewed your claim a...

Wrong nuggets

Hello, on the 7th of September 2023 the lady who was serving me at Burger King had given me chicken nuggets instead of vegan nuggets. I had realised later on that she had given me the chicken nuggets instead of...

Car Hire Upgrade unilaterally Charged

I had used Sixt car hire for almost 10 years for an annual car hire LHR to LHR. These are normally 2 week periods. Flown from New Zealand, with a chosen vehicle (Skoda estate or similar) and prepaid GBP1200 for...

Refuse to take payment

I had a friend that was in need of help to get her car out of In pound. So i gave her my visa card to use. When she got there to get the car the woman would not let...

store manager a raving lunatic

At about three o’clock on Tuesday 5th September I walked into one of your shops: 23-25 Rose Mount Oxton Birkenhead Prenton CH43 5SG It was the first time I had been to this shop – and I guarantee you that I shall never set foot inside...

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My money was stolen off my card and I never change my address I'm no longer there in Evansville Indiana I moved back home to Harvey Illinois.

Missing item on my order and...

Went to eat to bushs chicken on 1332 se military and I was the only one with my husband and was waiting for some one to take my order and I see the employees busy and everything and the lady in the black...

Disgusting Commercial

Totally agree the commercials seem very racially stereotyped

Funds not paid

Same thing happened to me, I'm still waiting on 2 deposit amounts of 300. This company is a damn scam!! They should be publicly reported!

Didn’t pay me my winnings

Hey did they ever contact you trying to get you to pay a fee by some new rule and then claim they were gonna cash your 350 out

Commercial was offending

I don't care about peoples sexual orientation, but it's very uncomfortable seeing two of the same sex kissing in front of my children. Sex is for the bedroom, not to be on display, and certainly, not...

Coinfield Lawsuit

I am supportive of finding a'way for all to get our funds. I thought coinfield was registered in Canada? Does the CSE have a responsibility here? Should they be going after coinfield? Surely our government...

Computer generated narration...

The A.I.narration ruined the season finally. So dumb and distracting. I can see when a pot is dropped in the water. And we know the guy with the beard by name. WTF! Leave Mike Rowe ALONE!!!

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