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Unjustly closed the account and stole...

My complaint is that after admitting the documents, they verified the account, which means a complete check of the stalemate, I went to play a little and put it on the output, but they closed it to me and then...

Funds held hostage

Freewallet froze my funds last week after accepting dozens of deposits from me over several weeks. When I tried to withdraw my funds to transfer to another wallet, they refused and locked it. They have demanded KYC, which I provided...


I was at the EZ Mart at 186 Highway 27 In Nashville Arkansas. I had my drink and potato wedges on the counter and told the cashier who’s name is Ashley that I also wanted $15 on pump 4....

Worse doctor I have ever seen

My daughter vomiting and tummy paint in march 2021.i take her look to the goverment hospital at bukit Mertajam. They take a x-ray at the tummy and blood test.say it ok.second time I bring her to private hospital(Island hospital)to see...

will not allow me to recivie my litecoin

I entered an incorrect email address when I set up my account. They are now not verifying my email address to allow me to move my funds. They keep asking me over and over for the same data. It is...

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Gift card failure

I bought an Uber gift card 3 months ago from 7Eleven. I went to redeem it as i was walking back home and it said This gift card has already been redeemed. I contacted them immediately and sent them the...

Living Spaces Poor Customer Service

We bought a Purple Mattress online and we needed it in a hurry so we picked it up from them to get it faster instead of having it delivered. We realized how heavy this bed was when we had to...

Misguidance Misleading photos for enticing...

I booked a Junior suite in Sheraton- Old SanJuan from 14th May to 22nd May Confirmation Number 2531305296 It was supposed to be a sea view with a Balcony. They ed to me in the E-mail dated 8th May. When I called...


Today 05142022 I arrived at Cracker Barrel at approx. 4:35pm family of 5 (3 adults 2 children, American black family) When I arrived, we were seated. While sitting we just waited around while others was seated and given a...

Store Manager should be demoted

I recently had a problem at this store where the smooth olive oil was incorrectly placed over the BOGO deal for the robust, The BOGO tag did not distinguish which oil had the promotional price.After purchasing the product this morning,...

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Your account has been suspended

did you receive your fund? i am faceing the same issue . account suspended and no reply on emails.

Apparently carvana lies about...

They definitely lie about that 150 point inspection. I had a vehicle delivered about 6 weeks ago that ended up in the shop on day 3 and couldn’t be repaired for over a week, so I opted to exchange it...

Won't send refund from account

they seem to be famous for this i have been dealing with this since january and still havent' gotten my money

Chicago med and Chicago fire

Why is the music on Chicago Med, Fire and PD so damn loud? You cannot hear the talking with the music so loud. It needs to be turned down or off. Do something about the music

Shocking service

I have order some clothes on April 27 2022 and they promise to deliver it in 2 business days. But it month I haven’t got my package yet, 20 May 2022.

Worked as server and was treated...

Not surprised at the response of I don't really care lol that's exactly how the company responded to everything

Executive Resolution Team...

Stop being a Karen and send them the Photos they have asked for. You are making it hard yourself. If you dont coorperate dont expect them to do. You agreed to accept the terms and any future change when...

kristen welker

every time i hear her she's bringing down any kind of left ideals ....get rid of the B

Sweet Onion SauceDressing

I AGREE!!! IT IS TERRIBLE! BIG MISTAKE! JUS LIKE COKE BACK IN THE 90's - They had to bring back Coke Classic!

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