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Comment by poster of the complaint Krissyyyy

12 hours ago - It's been two weeks with all the excuses in the world and still no sight of my winnings

Message from Robin from Complain.biz

13 hours ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Mississippi Department of Corrections

13 hours ago - No Disrespect but why am I not allowed to color Uplifting an Encouraging sayings to send to my fiance an him be allowed to receive them at Chickasaw County Regional Correctional facility he has been allowed to recieve them...

Has a complaint about SlotsVillage

15 hours ago - I withdrew my winnings last week the 11th july 2019 and told it would take 5 working days but this is after I made the withdrawal on the 7th july 2019and told all documents were in order until rite at...

Message from Robin from Complain.biz

1 day ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Instagram

Has a complaint about Instagram

1 day ago - Someone I strongly believe that works with instagram is singling me out from the others. There’s multiple women posing nude In fact doing videos of the bottoms all in front of the camera yes I could block them yet...

Has a complaint about TN Courts

1 day ago - On 12-16-2015,my wife at the time snuck out and took the kids, stopped me from seeing them,filed divorce,was not fighting or arguing, during the court proceedings,she was not following the visiting order,I had my lawyer file content charges,I only seen...

Has a complaint about Swiss Chalet

2 days ago - We had lunch ordered in from Swiss Chalet in Waterloo. We spent close to $300.00. There was 1 meal that was wrong. I called the restaurant right away and asked if they could make this right and send this employee...

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