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Message from Robin from Complain.biz

2 hours ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Coin Master

Has a complaint about Coin Master

2 hours ago - I have lost approx. 10700 on 02182020. I email you but not found any response. I need your help. Plz do some thing. My Fb Id is rajasahab sahab Singh. My mobile no. Is 9935799294. And my mobile IEMI no....

Message from Robin from Complain.biz

2 hours ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Coin Master

Has a complaint about Coin Master

2 hours ago - After playing a normal set of rounds spins n attacks and treasures i notice i was nit receiving any addition to the line that brings you to next reward.. The whole time.. N I've never had that happen before..

Message from Robin from Complain.biz

2 hours ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Coin Master

Has a complaint about Coin Master

2 hours ago - I was playing last night n got 3 hammers it showed i did an attack then i got no coing or anything for that then my screen said internet lost n then during internet lost my doughter steals over 8...

Has a complaint about Saint Alphonsus

1 day ago - Had a knee replacement surgery scheduled in December of 2019. A week prior to my surgery I went into St. Alphonsus urgent care on a Saturday for a very sore throat. They did a throat culture and later told me...

Has a complaint about Lithia Nissan

1 day ago - Had them change my oil and filter every 3000 miles and this time they put oil in my reservoir for the radiator and they refused to acknowledge or fix it or even run the diagnostic on it.horrible treatment from *** ...

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Unfair deposit cut

Horrible company do not and I cannot state this enough, they are cowboys that don't repair anything when told then they will keep most of your deposit, absolute horrible company which should be looked into for the way they treat people they give landlords a bad name


The new brown packs cigarette quality is really bad, the cigarette kept burning after putting it off!! the paper burns fast! they stale quick, the filter are BAD! all white and hazardous!!! I won't be buying anymore until the normal filters quality comes back!! they taste different and makes me cough !

Robbed my spins

Happened to me a few times have filed several complaints amd nothing ever happens

Robbed my spins

Dont know i wait already 4hours and not aby answer from coin master

Robbed my spins

I didn't take any photos I just thought I would get a error thing a coin master would just gift me spins back

Robbed my spins

I have same proble but i create photo and i wait for answer admin from 8morning

5000spins dont get ride pigs

Somebody solve this problem with game?

Not awarded joker card

I spent a lot of money to win a tournament where I won the joker card but you are not allowing me to claim the card I need

Completed card levels

Hi I was on level 127 build it then cost me 10B to build 128 after I build it I was on 129 so why did you put me back to 127

Enganação - cheat

My family of 11 travellers booked to go to Portugal last sept, our flights were cancelled 2 weeks before travel with no offer of an alternative to get us to our villa holiday.... we had to rebook with another airline which cost us a further £1500 I have submitted complaint after complaint along with invoice for what we had to pay asking for them to pay the difference which is stated online to be pretty much told no! I have used resolver which Ryanair refused to respond too and Iv gave used the CAA which they have also refused to respond too. Am I being unreasonable here..... luckily my mother had the cash to re book our flights or our whole family villa holiday would have been ruined!

Connection issues

This game is full of it over 9k of spins and I only had 1 raid and 2 hits game getting greedy with money Talk about ripping people off

Should not steal money from people that perform work for you. Hopefully a lesson learned here

Not credited

Nothing's been done about coinmaster not holding to their advertising of beat village 3 in coinmaster within 7 days and I win $10, it's been 2 weeks since I beat the village and I still haven't been payed!!! FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!!

Seller on DHGate tried old...

Buyer beware!! The issues with DHGate are broad & deep…..too many to list!! The real issue is not so much the DHGate site as it is the Chinese Culture. The Chinese culture is based on dishonesty. The people of China are not honest, have no integrity, are not responsive to communications (email & messages) and they are NOT customer focused n the slightest bit. I have tried to purchase several items from DHGate and I have not received the products I ordered and the sellers kept my money!!! DO NOT buy anything from DHGate ever. They are thieves!!

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