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Has a complaint about True White System

4 hours ago - called TRUE WHITE SYSTEM.ordered trial offer not intending to get full product. do not recall any mention to me about being on their plan So.called immediately to cancel after seeing aLITE was in the deal. did...

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Has a complaint about Uber

14 hours ago - These people don’t give a damn about the cities they work in!,,, I was flipped off by a Uber driver who cut me off. What’s wrong with this company? They apparently don’t care about the cities that they are causing...

14 hours ago - It has been dangerously hot the last few days. I was put in here from the hospital with breathing problems. They have me confined to a small room with windows that doesn’t open and no air conditioning all the rooms...

Has a complaint about Newlon Housing Trust

1 day ago - Since this guy moved in flat 6 he throws furniture around goes up down the stairs really gives the door an almighty slam where bye the whole apartment shakes his racist his been to prison at least 3yrs for...

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