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Close Button Froze

I placed a short sell on Jun 5 at past 17:00 When I was trying to close the trade, the app did not allow me. I just froze up. Then the numbers were gone. Then suddenly, when it came back up,...

did not get what i ordered

after ordering the flowers online. next day the 7th of May 2021 i was told they could not be delivered by Mothers Day! settled on Tues the 11th, got a refund of 9.66 for the inconvience. However they arrived in...

Not for the public

Every since this new guy been here it’s been trouble he start trouble with people around the neighborhood getting people put out because what he says and does to them that his manger doesn’t know about he smoke weed outside...

unlocking of account

On 10.05.2021 I locked my account because I thought I had done a wrong transaction. When locking the account I was notified that it would take up to two days to reactivate my account. I submitted all the necessary documents...

Query not answered

I asked a question regarding using my RYOBI OLT 1833 Strimmer which was not answered and a website link was given which gave me the same response as Ryobi.

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Money is not sent back to wallet after...

On May 25, I initiated a wire transfer to my bank account. I am very sure that I used the correct bank information. After one week there was no receipt of money. Chat support wrote me that the money was...

Cash app protects scammers

I filed a fraud complaint with cash app and they closed my acct as if they are trying to hide something for i get no response from them. I was defrauded and my acct closed and the scammers remain open.


Me and my friends have been threatened by @emilygosnell1 and when I try to report it for bullying it said that it doesn’t violate guidelines??

Coinbase blocks account

I opened an account with Coinbase 57 and have never been able to view account because it has been disabled since.

No reservation

I called to make a hotel reservation on June 13, 2021, for that night. I called back to the reservation, and the automated system asked me if I was calling about my December 30 of 2020 reservation--which was five and...

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Subway's employment of Megan...

After years of buying Subway sandwiches and getting specials that are texted to me i am done buying Subway. Firehouse subs will now be my go to.

My 522.88 is not in my vault

Same thing happened to me this morning with green dot. I transferred $550.00 into the vault and it never showed up! It shows on my transaction history it went to the vault but no money is in there. I’ve...


they are absolutely terrible with delivery dates the last at least four orders that I have placed with them I have not received my items and I had to wait an extra two weeks to a month before my money...

Subway's employment of Megan...

Love Subway. Will find a new sandwich place. I love people that love this country, that will sing the National Anthem with their hand in their heart. Proud to be an American.

Trying to call someone about...

Trying to cancel my subscription!

Subway's employment of Megan...

If you thiink that kneeling for the American flag is un-American then your ignorance of what it is to be an American is profound. #IgnorantRepublicans

Show cancellation

Yes - Keep Manifest !! That sucks for you to have all those cliff hangers and not continue? Come on, at least wrap it up. I will never watch NBC again.

Refusal to refund my ticket...

Please l am in they did the same thing to me to please let’s join hand the do this these people have been taking a lot of people money

Refusal to refund my ticket...

I think we should come to gather and sue them because you are not the only one they did this they also did the same thing to me after the airline canceled the flight l paid $2278 for the tickets they took...

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