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Incomplete order delivery

Good day. On the morning of Nov 19 2020. 8 am o have ordered 2 cheesy eggdesals and 2 hash brown I received my delivery at 8:30 and I have paid for my order . 201 pesos. But when I went...

ban a channel

A telegram channel called @shenasaii1 By publishing images of citizens, steals information and invades their privacy. This channel is spreading hatred and divisiveness and is seriously harming the security of the society. Most of the content published in this telegram channel...

no response from customer service in...

today is 14th of NOV, I received a payment through cash app from my daughter for $70 on 5th NOV. (Many times in the past with no problems) I cashed it out and waited. 9th NOV...


My wifegrandson and I went to have breakfast. We went to sit down at a table. When I reached my hand down on the table my finger went in to some sticking stuff. We had to get some one to...


I did not receive my money this month, October 2020. My name is Janet Massey. I depend on this money to pay my bills have gas for Dr appts. I have been on phone for almost 3 weeks and cant...

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Ripped off

I bought 4 items on the 2102020 of which they canceled my order i have still not had my refund and now I dont expect it as it is a rip off company.I urge anybody thinking of using Wish...

Coin master

It stop and it will not connect to my internet on the phone or my house internet. My game stop after playing one of your spins giveaway.

Data protection , violence

Dear sir madam I am Arash Nassori (آرش نصوری) and my photos and my family photos have been by listed in follow telegram channel and links with false information to encourage public and community attach I and my family in public...

Scammed by Wish

On the 9th of June 2020 I bought a drone on wish to the value of $984.00 plus postage of $18.00 a total of $1002.00. The only comment that was left was the item has left the store and no...

Took money Scam

I was having issue get onto cash app, so I called cashapp customers support. They were already on my phone when the support person picked up the phone. He knew everything about me, all my account. He started walking through...

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Refund of purchases i did...

Call your local news station and tell them you're issue I did and they emailed right back the next morning and there working on my problem now


What did you do to the blacklist? You ruined the show. How many directions can you go in one hour - And none make sense.

Closed account

Everyone should just stop using that platform since they don't seem to need people using it by the way they just close accounts. There other ones out there.

Refusal to refund my ticket...

The ASAP tickets company will keep 250$ from each international ticket and after a year They have decided to inform me that. I am so upset to this corrupted company

Refuse to look into the problem

I purchased a product did not receive it never left china was away for 6weeks now the bastards can,t even reply or give me a phone number to talk to anyone about the issues looks like its another China...


The first thing you here is not enough help they can't sweep floor to much stock in boxes don't know about other stores but the teller in my town how rude

Charged for canceled order

It’s unbelievable that this company still operates in UK


Ever since the pandemic started store hours have been reduced to ensure proper cleaning and sanitation procedures are being performed for the safety of the employees and customers. As far as the phone...

Never answer phone

Family Dollar switched network providers. The numbers have not updated yet. The number printed on the receipts are incorrect

Disrespectful behavior from...

Understand, but I wanted to buy food and had enough, and nonfood items. I was short 70 cents and the cashier attempted to help me but I chose to want to delete something. Not knowing the stress for me...

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