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Message from Robin from

6 minutes ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Wish

Has a complaint about Wish

6 minutes ago - Placed my order in April of 2020 Wish stated that I would receive my orders on may 12 2020.. IT NEVER CAME.. I contacted there fake automated system on my order and it replied that I would receive it on...

Message from Robin from

23 minutes ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Wish

Has a complaint about Wish

23 minutes ago - My order did not come and I have had no response from wish, nothing! I either want my order or my money back!

Message from Robin from

32 minutes ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Wish

Has a complaint about Wish

32 minutes ago - Every time I order something on wish the day the item Is is supposed to be delivered this has happened a number of times. There is no one to get ahold of on there customer service part of the app...

Message from Robin from

50 minutes ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Cash App

Has a complaint about Cash App

50 minutes ago - Sent money but services never received. Call and text Joseph stating it was going to be done but no response.

Message from Robin from

51 minutes ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Wish

Has a complaint about Wish

52 minutes ago - I order my products in March but till now I am not receive my order . when I try to customer care then everytime just show message you products on the way but not coming .now at the end I...

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someone stole money out of...

I"m not sure what they are doing!! i know this i havent received my merchandise yet, they didnt send a shipping no. or anything!! all i know is they have my money. they taken it out my account on April...

Keeping merchandise I have...

Yes" This complaint is justified!! because wish need to stop doing their customers like this. I have never in my life seen a company that have all of the customers complaing! They need to get in touch...

Delivery delay

Same here multiples items ordered from April and promise delivery in mid may then. Change it's date to late may or June. I don't really know when it's will come. Hopeless and rubbish from wish customers...

someone stole money out of...

Did they change it into a Russian delivery address?

Taste like plastic or poison

I too have noticed a plastic like taste with JPS Gold tobacco. As it is roll your own tobacco, it is not every cigarette that i notice it, its more random. I am wondering if foreign matter is being caught...

Puff Pastry With Plenty Of...

What the hell is happening to Fray Bentos Pies? They are nothing like they used to be years ago. Baxters, a well known family run company took over Fray Bentos. I am shocked that a reputable company such...


I highly agree ma'am, I just tried to make a complaint about the exact same thing. I hate when they do such a thing, mostly, without warning. I watched it yesterday and was very upset. Then when I tried...


I ordered from Wish did not know it was from another country..they should be ashamed to sell to people and not tell them it is from China or where ever


You wont get any $$ back! Cause you ordered chinese junk /counterfeit crap. These idiots are Communists what the hell do you think??? They Like you ?? WAKE THE FUQUE UP AMERICA

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