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fraud of USDT

hi today i request for USDT against Rs.7000 i transfer the all money to dealer google pay account. agent has my payment revived but they cannot transfer my USDT. this is a kind of fraud. i will attach...

Number get viral

Someone with the help of bot is spreading my number and saying them to call me Or text me on whatsApp. I want that person should be reported as soon as possible

Order sent back to romwe

My order was sent back to the sender I’m assuming its you y’all got my money and my order that’s a problem so either give me a refund or help me fix my address so my order can be reshipped.

Skip the Dishes Please refund our meal....

Lighthouse restaurant, Brantford told me to contact Skip the Dishes for a refund. All three of us could not eat the fish. STDishes has not contacted me after I left two messages with no one getting back as promised. I...

Gift Card

I picked up 2 Ultimate Dinner cards, came to the cashier. She asked how much, I said $30 dollars each. She punched in and said 100. I was ready with my credit card and tapped right away then realized that...

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Bought car with cash, 3 months later...

Retail Purchase Agreement is dated 42321. Car delivered shortly after. Registration to our existing plates also done in a reasonable time and made in my wife's name as requested. In July, we decided we did not need this car so decided...

Faulty Transmission- 2015 Chevy Malibu

The car is a 2015 Chevy Malibu which developed transmission problems (under warranty) on March 3, 2020. The vehicle, used by my daughter Rachel, had 62422 miles on the odometer at the time. This seemed very early for a transmission...

Fees for retrieving tokens transferred...

I transferred a little more than $400 worth of Matic tokens from my Binance to address. However, it did not arrive because it went into the wrong native network instead of an ERC20 network. Fortunately, the team at

Irrelevant blocking of my tick account

I am DaMighty Family and i have an account on TikTok. On several occasions, TikTok has been blocking my account posts that are meant to inform the public and Ugandans about the abuse of Ugandan Citizens by the...

Despise and threat of physical harm

After my mother waited for 30 mins to place an order, a gentleman answered the phone but because English is not her native tongue, she asked the man to hold a sec as she passed th phone to me to...

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Subway's employment of Megan...

I was shocked when I saw a TV ad featuring this anti American, man hating clown! I loved subway sandwiches, "loved" is the correct tense because I will never support that company again! Who in the hell...

Subway's employment of Megan...

As long as Subway supports an anti American, Megan Rapinoe, I will NOT support Subway!

charged for orders I did not...

I just signed up for Uber Eats for the first time and ordered food on 08/02/21, the next day on 08/03/21 I received a charge for the same amount of $26.68.

Subway's employment of Megan...

I am boycotting Subway. They can have that Anti American Rapinoe.

Funds stuck in sistemkoin

Same thing here. I traded Eth for 69,000 xlmg. Now I can’t get on the site at all.

general dissatisfaction

did you actually get the refund you requested ?

My greendot account was hacked

I was hacked and they stole 2000.00 from

Subway's employment of Megan...

Have enjoyed Subway sandwiches for years. Very disappointing that this company has a Olympic Soccer player that has no appreciation for the Country she wears the uniform for. COUNT ME OUT of SubWay. So...


Too many commercials, too many heats of the same event, only showing a small number of events, no finals of many events, inane commentary, too much non-Olympic event content. Poorly done.

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