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Freewallet: inactivity fee

I have transferred CND to FREE WALLET. Today i have discovered that free wallet took my money due to inactivity fee without any emails and reminders. they took without my permission and any notification. In 2 transactions. It is really bad...

Unpaid withrawal

I made a withrawal on Friday using mpesa , until now I haven't received the money in my mpesa yet the funds were deducted in my 1xbet account , I've been trying to email support team but they aren't responding.

Inactivity Fee

They first locked my account. Which I used 3 months ago. Then ask me to reset my password and pattern. They took almost 2 month to respond it and mean while they deducted my fund.

inactivity Fee

FREE WALLET took my money due to inactivity fee without any emails and reminders they took without my permission and i think its against privacy policy. its a robbery!

Rude unhelpful staff

I wanted to order a large order and instead of using the new kiosk system went to the counter where I asked the girl behind the counter if I could place my order as I thought it would be quicker.She...

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Nothing works with EVRI

An absolute nightmare to deal with this guys, there is no way to get in touch with a real person, theirs customer service is nonexistent, they lost/stolen my parcel and is no way to find and answer from them...there is...

Credit Card terminal did not function

During the months of October, November and December 2023, and January, February 2024 all customer payments that were done through the credit card countertop charging machine from the PAX Technology company did not go through to my bank. That countertop...

Rude to customer

The manager declined to serve me and displayed very rude behavior. He insisted that I should prioritize tomatoes over jalapeños and was impolite. This is the second time I’ve encountered problems at this branch. I adore Qdoba, so I...

Extended Warranty

I am at my wits end. I am one of your on time finances that make their car payment every month 2 weeks early. My dilemma, I contacted your customer service department to terminate my extended warranty on my account....

Request for a refund

I paid for a tour of the Louvre Museum at which time I requested accessibility since my daughter is in a wheelchair. A few days before the tour I began to receive emails from the vendor stating that they were...

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Whats changed??

Smbeam bread was originally made by Aikman Bakery in Port Huron, MI until they got bought out.

Double VAT payment

But it's not fair of the Posten either to immediately toll the package. In other countries they require a proof or payment/bills/receipts before that. So if they contacted me, I could have provided the...

Bogus Charge

Exact same thing happened to me at Detroit airport. $450 for “Smoke Smell” according to Nora Henry four days after I returned the car. Additionally, Budget tried to charge me $135+ for returning...

Disgusting Commercial

Vulgar, disgusting, need to change channel/ distract the children away

Half tobacco in 3 cigarettes

The past 9 or 10 packs i have bought have been so loose. Missing tabacoo what a waste of $20 a pack 😕

Bogus Charge

Same thing happened to me on a rental in Detroit in early May, 2024. Letter from the same person "Nora Henry". They were going to charge me $450 for "Smoke Smell" in the car when nobody smoked in the...

Sofi bank frozen account

Sofi pulled the same trick on me.Froze my account on 5/1/24 without any explanation as to why.Called 14 times and attempted their id scan which failed every time.Used the most current iPhone and Samsung...

They keep blocking my account...

Any update ? I got the same problem

They allow bullying

Stop crying. Fight back or find someone to hit for you. If you don’t like the game don’t play, that’s the amazing thing about free will.

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