McDonalds Complaint Sentiment: Neutral

Our sentiment meter has detected that McDonalds complaints over the past 28 days have remained within our normal fluctuation range, showing a change of -24%. While some customers might experience challenges with McDonalds, the steady level of complaints indicates that there hasn’t been a surge in widespread issues recently.

Sentiment data last updated on December 4, 2023

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Do you have a dispute or had a bad customer experience with McDonalds? Submit your McDonalds complaint through our platform to support its escalation, prompting their customer service to resolve it.

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We have received 360 complaints about McDonalds over the last 12 months. The graph below shows a monthly breakdown.


McDonalds complaint statistics

Curious about McDonalds's track record in addressing complaints within the Fast Food / Delivery category? Dive into the all-time complaints data right here!

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McDonald's customer service FAQ:

Why should I file a complaint about McDonald's on is a platform where you can voice your concerns and complaints about any company, including McDonald's. By filing a complaint on our platform you can share your experience with others, get help from our community and hold McDonald's accountable for any issues or problems you may have encountered.

What types of complaints can I file about McDonald's on

You can file any kind of complaint related to McDonald's, such as poor customer service, incorrect orders, unsanitary conditions, food quality issues, incorrect billing, and any other issues that you may have experienced.

What are the most common complaints about McDonald's? 

According our data some common complaints about McDonald's include:

  • Poor customer service: Some customers report rude or unhelpful employees or a lack of responsiveness to customer inquiries. 
  • Incorrect orders: Some customers report receiving the wrong food or missing items from their orders. 
  • Food quality issues: Some customers report finding foreign objects or hair in their food or experiencing food poisoning. 
  • Billing problems: Some customers report unexpected or incorrect charges on their invoices or difficulties with refunds or returns. 
  • Cleanliness issues: Some customers report encountering unsanitary conditions at McDonald's restaurants.

Can I expect compensation or a refund if I file a complaint about McDonald's on

While we cannot guarantee compensation or refunds, filing a complaint may help ensure that your issue is addressed and resolved in a more timely and appropriate manner. McDonald's may offer compensation or refunds as part of their resolution process.

How can I contact McDonald's customer service directly?

Once you have submitted your complaint on our platform, it's always best to notify McDonald's directly. To contact McDonald's you can call their customer service hotline at 1-800-244-6227, submit a feedback form on their website, reach out to @McDonalds on Twitter, or visit a McDonald's restaurant to speak to a manager or representative.

How to contact the complaint department of McDonalds?

Below, you will find the contact information for McDonalds's complaint department. To amplify the impact of your complaint, please use our complaint form.

Complaint line phone number:
Webcare email:
Corporate HQ address:
110 N Carpenter St, Chicago, IL 60607
Contact form:

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McDonalds reviews: (1725)

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Only received part of my order/rude employee

Complaint from nae 311 on 28 November 2023 about McDonalds.

I went to McDonald's late@night around 1:30 a.m. the line was extremely long so we had to wait a while to get up to the window to receive our order which I completely understood had no problem doing. I get... Read more

Comments: 0

Job opportunity

Complaint from Romante22 on 27 November 2023 about McDonalds.

I was discriminated against in be given a job opportunity. I completed my application and I was guaranteed a job which I was misled about. Renee told my father that I could start the job whenever I could. Read more

Comments: 0

Give me my money since you can’t provide my food

Complaint from Amazon Buyer on 25 November 2023 about McDonalds.

No matter how many times you go to this restaurant, they never ever get your order right. Poor excuse for any food establishment. To get home with a chicken sandwich and fries that cost $11.00 and the sandwich... Read more

Comments: 0

Failed to deliver order

Complaint from Thebackpack85 on 22 November 2023 about McDonalds.

I ordered thtought the mcdonalds app. The delivery never arrived. Uber blaming mcdonalds and mcdonalds blaming uber. Neith taking responsibility or willing to refund me. Complete scam. Tried to raise a complaint with both but im being ignored. I have... Read more

Comments: 0

Poor customer service/order accuracy/quality of food

Complaint from Mamadevine85 on 22 November 2023 about McDonalds.

Every time I go to the McDonald's located in Centralia, WA my order is either wrong or unsatisfactory,I use the drive thru every time because it's convenient. Less than a week ago I ordered 3 mcdoubles,no pickles,no onions,add Mac sauce,1... Read more

Comments: 0

Rude and Unsanitary, playing with hair, hair in food

Complaint from Katherine Mazzini on 21 November 2023 about McDonalds.

When we paid, the card was grabbed and pretty much thrown back at us. When we were waiting for our food the females were playing with their long hair while handling our food. Just laughing and cutting up like it's... Read more

Comments: 0

My experience at McDonald's

Complaint from on 21 November 2023 about McDonalds.

The food took 45 minutes to get and it was just sitting on a counter so when we got it it was cold, when we asked for them to remake our order they were really rude about it. Read more

Comments: 0

Stealing food off of customers

Complaint from tec042 on 20 November 2023 about McDonalds.

I have ordered breakfast there. Negotiations recently ordered dinner and they short change me on the food.. This tells me that the employees are stealing food. I'm giving it to their friends Read more

Comments: 0

Horrible service

Complaint from Eric Rodriguez on 19 November 2023 about McDonalds.

Went to McDonald's with my son for breakfast, we waited a half hour in line then when we got to the speaker to order there was 5 minutes left to order breakfast they would not take are order till it... Read more

Comments: 0

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