Convert unhappy customers into brand advocates🤝

Are you ready to take your customer service to the next level?

Every organization has to deal with complaints sometimes. On our platform you can show your (potential) customers that your brand takes complaints seriously!

Think of it as an opportunity to improve your business.


Webcare 2.0

We believe it's important to be present wherever your customers are. With a business account you can start the conversation with your customers and mark complaints as ‘resolved’. This will result in positive advertising for your business!

Happy customers

Every company receives complaints from time to time. We think you should treat a complaint as feedback. It's a unique opportunity to turn unhappy customers into a brand advocates.

Easy to use

Complaints can be handled easily through our platform. Or use our API which you could use to resolve complaints directly in your own webcare systems.

Clear complaint process

Our users leave behind all necessary relevant information, which will help you to process complaints much faster. We don’t accept anonymous complaints.

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Complainer data insights

New complaint notifications

Resolve complaints through our platform



$200 / month

All React features

Positive feedback stream on business page

New complaints will be published after 7 days

Resolved complaints will be archived offline after 6 months

Customized Search Engine appearance


Custom priced

All React and Connect features

API access

Custom features on request



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