How to complain about gaming companies the RIGHT way?


Online gaming can bring so much fun to the casual gamer. Many evenings can be passed lazing on the sofa whilst tapping away on devices such as your phone to build up levels and rewards to progress even further in your online world.

However, not every game passes without incident. With gaming platforms so reliant on technology, it’s perhaps not surprising that glitches, disappearing rewards, and complete platform failures are causing increasing distress to gamers across the globe.

When you’ve been wronged in this manner, it’s important to let the company know so they can rectify the situation and improve the gaming experience for not just you, but their thousands of other users.

How to write a complaint about (online) gaming?

  1. The first step should always be to contact the company directly regarding your issue. Several incidents are easily fixed once customer service representatives have been made aware of your situation.
  2. If the company fails to take action to address your issue, then it’s time to file a complaint. Start by making a note of everything that occurred during the incident, including screenshots if possible to use as evidence.
  3. Then it’s time to review your notes and photos and begin to write up your compliant. Remembering to remain polite and courteous throughout is crucial, unprofessional or rude complaints will be immediately disregarded.
  4. Make sure to include contact information so that the gaming company in question can easily come back to you with details of the action they are taking.

Last but not least, submit your complaint on our website in order to get the attention it deserves.

When should you complain about a game?

There are many instances within which you would be within your rights to file a complaint. As mentioned, when something does go wrong during gameplay, the quickest action for recourse is to contact the customer service department of the game company in question and if there is a simple fix they should arrange it for you there and then.

However, there may be several instances where a complaint is necessary which include:

  • You’ve had your payment details compromised by their systems
  • In-game rewards you’ve paid for have disappeared or have never been received
  • Customer support representatives have been rude or unprofessional in their dealings with you
  • Gameplay glitches have cost you rewards of a monetary value
  • During the course of gameplay, you have witnessed or have fallen victim to an offensive and/or illegal action by other game users
  • You have been scammed or defrauded by other game users
  • You’ve received no response to your initial correspondence about an issue you’ve experienced with the game

Why file a game complaint?

Filing a complaint can seem like a tiresome chore at first, however in many cases it may be the only way to seek a remedy to the situation that you are happy with. For companies with lax customer service personnel, it might be the only way that they find out about the problems you’ve encountered and take them seriously.

In some instances, composing and sending an official compliant may be the necessary first step to more serious proceedings against the company. If you are complaining about the treatment you received from a member of their staff, then it may give them the evidence they need to either dismiss or retrain them.

Possible result of a (online) gaming complaint.

First and foremost, you should at least receive should kind of formal apology. Most reputable companies will then take the time to explain what they next course of action will be. Whether that’s reimbursing you for lost monies, or restoring in-game rewards or levels that disappeared, the specific action will depend on the nature of your complaint.

In the cases of issues with staff members, the company may inform you or their decision to fire them or subject them to extra training to make sure the same mistakes aren’t made again. The better companies will then offer you some form of compensation, whether that be in the form of free in-game upgrades, or discount codes to spend within the game or on other titles produced by the same company.

Where Complain About an Online Gaming Company?

If you have a valid complaint, you deserve to have your case heard by as many people as possible. Here at, we force companies into action by generating publicity for your complaint.

Once filed on our site, it will appear in search engines, social media sites and we even email the company directly on your behalf to instigate a response. So if you’ve got a complaint about an online gaming company, report your issue using the button below so we can get to work for you!