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Statistics of PlaySpot in the category Gaming

22 total complaints
1.4 /10
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Complaints overview

Not paying out

Complaint from on 06 April 2022 about PlaySpot in category Gaming

After playing for hours I was ready to cash out £20, but kept receiving an error message to try later. It would appear I'm not the only person having this issue. I used the app a few years ago, and... Read more

Can't login

Complaint from on 25 December 2021 about PlaySpot in category Gaming

Have put playspot onto a new tablet I already have it on my Android phone but I can't find how to login so I have all my details on my tablet like I have on my phone I have... Read more

Unable to cash out

Complaint from on 22 December 2021 about PlaySpot in category Gaming

I've used this app for a long time with no problem cashing out first time. Now after playing continues to reach 20,000 coins to cash out it won't let me. Says there error try later. Well I've been trying for... Read more


Complaint from on 15 December 2021 about PlaySpot in category Gaming

This app is a joke. Not paying sorry something went wrong, please try later. After contacting the support, one and the same excuse Hey, the system detected that the application was checked and therefore did not a payment. Waste of time,... Read more

Not pay my money

Complaint from on 08 October 2021 about PlaySpot in category Gaming

I earn 45000 coins want windrawal 20 pounds but they dont let me windraw.first time im earn they gime me 20 pounds in my paypal second time no they wrote eror try again trying windraw all week and write... Read more

Not paying out

Complaint from on 27 September 2021 about PlaySpot in category Gaming

I had claimed for my reward on September the 14th 2021.I have been playing these games relentlessly. Some I even played that I didn't get credit for like cash an casino. They finally sent me an email saying they wasn't... Read more