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Unauthorized purcase

Complaint from on 01 April 2020 about Moon Active in category Gaming

Unauthorized payment of £94.99 taken from my universal creditmy childrens shopping money for food. I did not authorise this purchase, my friends child of three managed to get hold of my phone and pressed buttons he shouldn't have. I... Read more

Unauthorised charges

Complaint from on 31 March 2020 about Moon Active in category Gaming

Been playing coin master for several months. They slowly took small amounts and it just keep greeting worse. I have an account that allows 0 overdraft and discovered they were stealing from me when my account went into negative, which... Read more


Complaint from on 17 March 2020 about Moon Active in category Gaming

Ok I bought A Saint Patty's day lucky sale pack of 30 Spins. And then I bought the multiply spin that landed on ×2 so therefore it turned into 60 spins but then it tallied up to 60 and then... Read more


Complaint from on 11 March 2020 about Moon Active in category Gaming

Please many times i playing your coin master apps i enjoyed very well but many times also your apps is getting me out of patience why?? Is because when im hitting raid, and attack many times the apps is returning... Read more

Support team are you there?

Complaint from on 13 November 2019 about Moon Active in category Gaming

I've been playing coinmaster for about a year and I am fed up reporting to the support team glitches in their game. I'm actually getting to the point where I believe this is done on purpose. You work hard (time)... Read more