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23 total complaints
1.4 /10
9 votes

Complaints timeline

Unfair play

Complaint from on 25 June 2020 about Moon Active in category Gaming

Good evening, before I start I love playing game. I’m new about a month or 2. Today 06242020 I got up early and having bad knees I decided to chill and play the day away. I don’t have luck with... Read more


Complaint from on 19 June 2020 about Moon Active in category Gaming

I purchased a spin package by accident in the amount of 99.99 and requested a refund with no luck so after several days of not playin coin master I finally go back to play only to learn that the spins... Read more

So many problems

Complaint from on 05 May 2020 about Moon Active in category Gaming

Hello, Today im here to complain about so many problems. I have problems it’s doesn’t mean I don’t love this game. Due to my efforts I already reach on village 75. I invite so many friends on this game they download... Read more

Unauthorized purcase

Complaint from on 01 April 2020 about Moon Active in category Gaming

Unauthorized payment of £94.99 taken from my universal creditmy childrens shopping money for food. I did not authorise this purchase, my friends child of three managed to get hold of my phone and pressed buttons he shouldn't have. I... Read more