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Complaints overview

Lack of support

Complaint from on 21 June 2021 about Activision in category Gaming

I have a number of issues causing my game to crash, when using a certain operator or having a certain gun build in my chosen loadout. The biggest problem I am having is I cant play with anybody on playstation... Read more

Data theft

Complaint from on 18 June 2021 about Activision in category Gaming

Recieved a message from Activision to say that someone had started using my account. They suggested i create a new one and restore my old data, this did not work. I have now lost all my achievents and anythingbthat i had... Read more


Complaint from on 04 June 2021 about Activision in category Gaming

I lost access to my x box when i have re gained access to my x box I carnt get on my activision account I have tried to recover my old activision account had an email saying it was sorted... Read more

data breach

Complaint from on 18 May 2021 about Activision in category Gaming

My personnel data was taken and my digital property that i had paid for was stolen. i now cant get anyone from activsion to help me. i had hackers on the activison twitter offering to help!!!!!!!! but the company wont????????? Read more


Complaint from on 01 April 2021 about Activision in category Gaming

Why Isn't your game consistent with it's mechanics and gameplay? I'm certainly not the only one to encounter varied glitches and mechanics when suffering certain gun defects and melee impacts in WARZONE. I'M DEFINITELY NOT THE ONLY ONE TO HAVE... Read more