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Complaints overview

Shadow ban

Complaint from on 22 September 2021 about Activision in category Gaming

My account has been shadow banned while they investigate a complaint for cheating. I have no recourse. I don't cheat. This is the second time it has happened. It takes them over a week to investigate. Meanwhile I cannot... Read more

Law enforcement

Complaint from on 19 August 2021 about Activision in category Gaming

I have recently found reports about Activision Blizzard employees not following in-house rules and regulations. With this being said, the issues are online as well as in-game play. Over several years I have developed a skill set for playing the... Read more

Unfairly banned

Complaint from on 11 August 2021 about Activision in category Gaming

On the 9th of August I received a Ban on my account which was clearly a mistake as I have hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars invested into that account so clearly would never cheat on it. I appealed... Read more

Lack of support

Complaint from on 21 June 2021 about Activision in category Gaming

I have a number of issues causing my game to crash, when using a certain operator or having a certain gun build in my chosen loadout. The biggest problem I am having is I cant play with anybody on playstation... Read more