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Whatever your complaint about Facebook is, follow the next three steps in order to have the best chance of resolving your complaint.

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Complaint from on 06 March 2021 about Facebook in category Social Media

I was banned for 30 days due to some comments. I believe FB had my acc under his watch for any comments to have me banned anytime it went agains their nazi rules. Is aginst the constitution for free speech... Read more

They are spying on me

Complaint from on 26 January 2021 about Facebook in category Social Media

I canceled my FB account. Deciding to use a different safer search browser. The browser advises me of who is following me as I surf the Web and Facebook is..How can I stop Facebook from stalking me? Read more


Complaint from on 05 January 2021 about Facebook in category Social Media

I made a comment on the Polk county inmate page. There was nothing foul language no bullying no threats. When I got ready to post it said it was against the rules it gave me the option to delete the... Read more