How to Complain About Online Services the RIGHT way?


In today’s modern world, online services form a large part of our daily lives. Therefore, when something goes wrong with one of them, it can have a tumultuous effect on us.

Whether it’s the failure of your email provider to protect your account, or a search engine holding data on you that it shouldn’t, there are many instances that can give you cause for complaint against an online service. But how do you file a complaint? What instances give you sufficient grounds to do so?

How to write an online service complaint?

  1. First and foremost, contact the company directly to make sure that your situation cannot be resolved quickly and efficiently with them. Many incidents can be quickly cleared up by customer support teams.
  2. If you’ve tried the above and got no response, or your particular complaint is serious in nature, then you need to write an official letter of complaint. But before you start make sure to note down everything that has happened and that you have experienced, before you forget all of the intricate details.
  3. When writing the complaint make sure to remain polite and courteous. Also ensure that you have screenshots and other helpful evidence that provides proof of your problem.
  4. Finally, make sure to include contact details so that the online service company in question can easily contact you to seek a resolution to your complaint.

Last but not least, submit your complaint on our website in order to get the attention your complaint deserves.

When should you complain about an Online Service?

When it comes to online services, most incidents can be easily fixed by informing their respective customer service departments of the issues you are having. For example, payments taken in error or technical issues can be easily resolved by contacting the relevant department.

However, there are several instances within which you may have to launch a complaint in order to achieve a satisfactory resolution to your problem which can include:

  • Breaches of data privacy rules and regulations
  • Payments taken without permission
  • Service not provided after payment of monies
  • Service provided is not as advertised or has been mis-sold
  • Instances of rude or abusive staff members
  • Persistent technical faults that render the service unusable

Why submit an online service complaint?

No matter the industry, it’s always important to let a company know when they have done you a disservice. With particularly large online service companies (of which there are many), filing an official complaint is often to the best to get their attention, as going through the usual support channels may come to nothing.

In other cases, it may be the only way they find out about rude or unprofessional employees. By giving them an official complaint, they may be able to take the necessary disciplinary action that they’ve wanted to take for a while but have lacked the evidence to do so.

In data privacy cases (usually relating to search engines and search results), the official complaint may be part of a wider process of reporting them to regulators for breaches of data laws. By the same token, by writing a complaint you may be taking the first step towards legal action against the company in question.

Possible results of filing a complaint about online services.

There are many potential outcomes to filing a complaint with an online service company. It may be that you receive monies owed to you (including a compensatory settlement) that were taken in error.

For those of you who paid for a service and did not receive it, you may also receive the service for free for an extended period of time, to make up for the fact that you initially paid for nothing. When it comes to search engines and other similar websites, your request to have data, names, images and other information pertaining to you removed may be adhered to.

At the very least, you should receive some formal of written or verbal apology.

Where file an online service complaint?

When you have a valid complaint it’s time to give your issues the publicity they deserve. The more people that see your complaint, the more likely a company is to act to rectify the situation.

Here at we help you get the attention you need to achieve a resolution you are happy with. Your complaint will be online at our website so that everyone can see it. We also make sure they appear in search engines and on social media. We even contact the company on your behalf to jolt them into action.

So if you’ve got a complaint about online service, just go ahead and click on the button below to start filing your complaint!