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While Groupon offers a wide range of deals and discounts, complaint data from our community has highlighted several recurring issues that users frequently encounter. Common complaints include problems with unresponsive customer service, difficulty obtaining refunds for cancelled or unusable vouchers, and experiences with merchants not honoring Groupon deals. Additionally, customers often report not receiving purchased items and facing challenges navigating the website or app.

To avoid these issues, we recommend that customers carefully review the terms and conditions of each deal and maintain clear documentation throughout their interactions, including screenshots and emails. If a problem arises, contact Groupon customer service immediately and persistently to resolve the issue. Always consider the reliability of the merchant offering the deal and use secure payment methods to protect your transaction.

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Groupon Customer Sentiment: Positive

While some customers may still be encountering a bad experience, our sentiment meter has detected a -100% decline in complaints about Groupon over the past 28 days compared to the average rate. This indicates an uptick in customer satisfaction, and signals a positive shift in customer feedback.

Sentiment data last updated on June 24, 2024

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We have received 6 complaints about Groupon over the last 12 months. The graph below shows a monthly breakdown.


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Groupon complaint: Service refused by salon, refund refused by Groupon
Groupon complaint: New york
Groupon complaint: Groupon did not work
Groupon complaint: Refund policy
Groupon complaint: Groupon sells unusable vouchers
Groupon complaint: Booked same show twice and would like refund on one
Groupon complaint: Can’t use vouchers
Groupon complaint: Item not received

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Plants order no 1200-097251-779956(Ticket 92838468

Complaint from on 23 April 2024 about Groupon.

On the 1st April I got in touch with Groupon to say my order had arrived. It was meant to be 4 plants and there were only 3 and were pieces of stick not resembling any plant. I had an... Read more

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Service refused by salon, refund refused by Groupon

Complaint from gabriela-complain-groupon on 03 January 2024 about Groupon.

I’ve been for weeks trying to get a refund (I want my money back, not credit to use in their website). I bought Groupons for a nail salon. They advertised it as UNLIMITED and when I went there for the... Read more

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New york

Complaint from Amina555 on 05 October 2023 about Groupon.

I bought a groupon and when i was about to receive service, I was told that I should pay an additional 100 usd, ie 200%. Evetually, I was cheated, as I was mislead about the cost of the service which... Read more

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Groupon did not work

Complaint from Lola Kincaid on 27 September 2023 about Groupon.

I try to use the Groupon at Valvoline oil change shop. The Groupon did not work. I tried contacting the customer service and they could not help me. I have the receipt where I ended up paying full price. On... Read more

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Refund policy

Complaint from on 18 August 2023 about Groupon.

I purchased River Tours and Dol Fun Tours from Groupon while I was vacationing in Orlando. I called the merchant to make a reservation but they were closed that day. I talk to someone and they told me that I... Read more

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Groupon sells unusable vouchers

Complaint from MERKS on 22 May 2023 about Groupon.

I purchased a parking voucher to use at Newark airport . I went thru the Groupon cert for ARB parking to reserve spot. When I arrived , the man who barely spoke any English said Groupon not valid and demanded... Read more

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Complaint from gabriela v. on 16 March 2023 about Groupon.

My Groupon account got hacked. I received an email letting me know my email had been changed to another email and that if it wasn't me that made that change, I should contact them immediately. I have been contacting them... Read more

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Booked same show twice and would like refund on one

Complaint from DMJLL on 11 February 2023 about Groupon.

I ordered a ticket for a show on the 18th 14299501. I tried to get a second ticket but it wasn't available. I then found the same exact show at the same place on a different day, the 14th 14299514,... Read more

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Requesting a refund

Complaint from MAS777 on 02 November 2022 about Groupon.

I have requested numerous refunds requests and SPOKEN OVER AND OVER WITH SUPPORT WHO IS NO help WHAT SO EVER. Order number October 10, 2022 1000-144047-693919. Redemption Code- grpn10pkAD7GW4ZUZB4TE. PAYPAL GROUPON INC 402-935-7733 Merchant Merchandise Amount is $34.99.I... Read more

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