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My complaint:

My Groupon account got hacked. I received an email letting me know my email had been changed to another email and that if it wasn’t me that made that change, I should contact them immediately. I have been contacting them on chat numerous times now since they don’t have a phone number, and all I get is a messages that they will escalate to the technical team and someone will reach me via email. Well, I have come to find out from another rep that they have been emailing the hacker instead of me. Unbelievable. I want my account restored, my credit cards protected, and the Groupon bucks and vouchers I purchased. After messaging them so much, I finally received an email today letting me know everything is resolved. They will update my account and ask me to create another email where they can upload the vouchers and restore my account. So I did as requested to get a follow-up email stating they were sorry but needed further account information from me. These people are not going to help. They are just playing games and not solving anything. I have complied and responded to every question they have asked. I need help don’t know what to do. Does anyone have a number or another solution to fix this problem? The hacker account is [email protected] I was able to get this information from a Groupon rep, at least. I hope my credit cards are not compromised.

Suggested solution:

They need to help me restore my account and keep their word when they send you a message that the problem has been solved and not send you a follow-up message with I am sorry, but we need further information then you send them that information, and then they reply with more questions. I want my Groupon bucks and vouchers to the new account they asked me to create.

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