How to Complain About Fashion Shops the RIGHT Way?


Many modern-day consumers love the ability to shop for their fashion items online. Not only can their prices be cheaper that traditional brick-and-mortar shops, but they can grab bargains during sales season without even getting out of bed. But unfortunately it’s not always plain sailing. Expected deliveries can be delayed for weeks, clothing can be of a very poor quality and sometimes customers can pay for the privilege of not receiving anything at all.

When a company wrongs you in this way, it’s important that you act. Without taking any action, it’s unlikely you will arrive at a satisfactory conclusion to your problem. One of the best ways to act is by writing a complaint.

How to write a fashion shop complaint?

  1. In the first instance, always contact customer support with your issue. Issues such as the wrong size, missing deliveries, or faulty products can usually be resolved by in-house customer service representatives.
  2. If the situation still hasn’t been resolved to your satisfaction, then it’s time to write an official complaint.
  3. Before you make a start, write down everything that has occurred during your issues, and make sure you have evidence to hand such as proof of purchase and delivery notes.
  4. When writing the complaint, remember to remain polite and professional. Explain your reasons for complaint and include all of your documentation.
  5. Always include your contact details so that the online fashion shop’s customer service department can easily contact you to advise on what action they are going to take regarding your complaint.

Last but not least, submit your complaint on our website in order to get the attention your complaint deserves.

When should you complaint about a (online) fashion shop?

Some customers make false complaints that could easily be resolved by contacting the customer support department of the online fashion shop in question.

Items such as ordering the wrong size should be handled with the shop directly, and you may well be responsible for returning an ill-fitting item before they will send a replacement. The most reputable companies will include free return shipping labels for garments that don’t fit. The same is true for faulty items.

However, there are many instances whereby you will have legitimate grounds for complaint. They can include:

  • Never receiving items that you’ve already paid for
  • Receiving clothing items that were dangerously faulty
  • Encountering rude or abusive staff members
  • The company has failed to securely store your payment details
  • The quality of the items you have received are extremely poor
  • The items you have received are not as advertised

Why Complain about Fashion Shop?

Whilst filing a complaint might not be your first thought when encountering a negative situation with an online fashion shop, it’s often the best way to see the case resolved in a manner that you are happy with. Sometimes an official compliant is the best way to make a company aware of a long list of errors and mistakes you’ve had to put up with.

In other instances, it might be case that you need to use this particular channel to make the company aware of the conduct of a specific employee or delivery person. If the issue you encountered was especially serious, or it endangered your health, you may need to lodge a complaint as the first step to starting the legal process.

Possible result of submitting a fashion complaint.

Whatever the reasons are for filing a complaint, the company in question should respond in a timely manner. They should as a basic courtesy offer you an official apology for the issue(s) that you have experienced whilst being one of their valued customers.

Secondly, you may be offered a full refund for the garment. Better online fashion retailers may offer you goodwill vouchers towards future purchases to give themselves a chance to get it right next time. In the case of poor customer service experiences, they may advise you of action their taking in terms of disciplinary proceedings or improved training to ensure something like this doesn’t happen again.

Where should you file a fashion shop complaint?

Besides going to the fashion shop’s own complaint procedures we advise you to file your complaint on By filing a complaint on our website, you will get your complaint in front of thousands of eyeballs in the form of our users, social media and search engines.

The exposure we generate for your complaint can often force a company into action. Therefore, if you’ve got a complaint regarding an (online) fashion shop make sure you file it using the button below to see your chances of getting your situation resolved greatly increase!

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