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5 complaints last year
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Complaints overview

Refund complaint

Complaint from on 25 July 2022 about Zalando in category Fashion

Subject: Official Complaint 10501017984957Dear SirMadamI would like to make an official complaint in regards to my refund being issued and then almost 4 weeks later being cancelled.I placed the above order on 29th May 2022. The items were... Read more

not giving refund

Complaint from on 04 July 2022 about Zalando in category Fashion

Hello my name is Lijana, on 30 of May i have returned one item of my entire order. i have dropped item ant Evri dropping point( always drop off there). So after 14 days i haven't received my refund, so... Read more

Refund not issued

Complaint from on 05 January 2022 about Zalando in category Fashion

Order number: 10101353925436, I returned this on Oct and in November the customer care ed the package is lost. They asked for the copy of return receipts which I shared and following up with them since last 2 month and... Read more