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Credential Stuffing

Hacked? Don’t Know How? It’s Called Credential Stuffing

Passwords are not always secret anymore, no matter how complex they are. How is that possible? Read this to understand how credential stuffing compromises your accounts. Read more

Why Counterfeit Consumer Products are BAD

Typically everything that has a high demand in the market has been imitated by fake sellers. It's a problem because it costs the US economy $200 billion to $250 billion every year in various industries. We will help you reconize and report them. Read more

Why is it Important to Report and Expose Scams?

Scammers see every one of us as targets. We all get calls, emails, and letters that try to steal our personal information, such as credit card or social security numbers. We will help you identify the common types of scam, protect yourself, and explain why it is important to expose a scammer. Read more

Complaints Caused by the Coronavirus Outbreak

As the outbreak of Covid-19 continues to spread, it inevitably cause severe disruption to services across many different industries. This is causing a massive spike in complaints. We will advise you. We also have a list of Corona related complaints. Join the discussion and help eachother during these difficult times. Read more

Most Common Las Vegas Complaints

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” People flock here from all over the world to escape the stresses and strains of everyday life and to have a good time. But what if those visitors don’t have a good time? What are the most common causes for a visitor to take bad memories back home with them instead of leaving them in the so-called “City of Sin”? Read more

Most Common Christmas and New Year Complaints

The Christmas and New Year period is the time of year for families to reunite and spend quality time together over the festive break. It is also a busy time for most companies, therefore it’s no surprise to see a spike of complaints. But what are the most common issues consumers face during this holiday period? Read more

Top 5 Smartphone Complaints

With over a billion smartphone handsets sold each and every year, it can seem like our phones have almost become another part of our own body. Many people feel totally lost without a smartphone. We present you the most common smartphone complaints, and tell you what to do if when problems occur. Read more

Most Common Consumer Complaints 2019

Consumer complaints are a good indication whether a company should be trusted or not. Whether it’s shoddy workmanship or aggressive sales tactics, there’s plenty of companies that have left a lot to be desired this year. But which industries are the worst for complaints? And what are some of the stories that have been revealed about poor customer experiences this year? Read more

Top 5 Complaints About Electric Cars

As the climate change emergency worsens, many consumers are turning to electric cars to ease the strain on the planet caused by burning fossil fuels. However, since these new types of vehicles are still very much a work in progress, there have been an increasing number of complaints from drivers who have made the switch. Read more

Complaints About Weight Loss Pills

Did you have an unpleasant experience with weight loss pills? You are not the only one. Do you want to get justice? You should read this blog! Read more

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