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online casino complaint

How To Complain About Online Casinos

It can be great fun to chance your luck on a few hands of blackjack or a few turns of the roulette wheel, but sometimes your experience can be ruined by something like having your account closed down for no reason. Read more

Most Common Consumer Complaints 2019

Consumer complaints are a good indication whether a company should be trusted or not. Whether it’s shoddy workmanship or aggressive sales tactics, there’s plenty of companies that have left a lot to be desired this year. But which industries are the worst for complaints? And what are some of the stories that have been revealed about poor customer experiences this year? Read more

legal rights complaint

Does filing a complaint online compromise your legal rights?

Does filing a complaint online compromise your legal rights against a business or service provider? Read the answer in this blogpost! Read more

How to complain about restaurants?

Restaurants are great places to enjoy fine dining experiences or celebrate special occasions with friends. However, sometimes things don’t go according to plan. You may have had your night ruined by a rude member of the serving staff, or the food may not have been up to the standard expected of a restaurant charging the prices you paid. Either way, you will likely want to file a restaurant complaint in order to let them know how they failed you. Read more

hotel complaint

How to complain about hotels?

Have you been victim of a bad hotel experience? Has hotel staff stolen or broken items? Was your room dirty or did it not meet your expectations? In that case you should file a hotel complaint! If not for yourself, then for the hotel to improve itself. Read more

parcel complaint

How to complain about parcel couriers?

Ordering products and having them delivered today is just the way that business is done nowadays. But what if something goes wrong? When you are expecting or needing a product and it comes damaged, late or there are other problems with the delivery? In this case it is advisable to submit a complaint as quickly as possible so that your problem will be resolved quickly. Read more

public transport complaint

How to complain about public transport?

We will help you to write an effective complaint about for a public transport company. So if you had a terrible public transport experience. Read this blogpost and write a complaint! Read more

supermarket complaint

How to complain about supermarkets?

The relationship between supermarkets and his customers varies quite a lot. Some days we are very satisfied after some grocery shopping, while on the other days we experience the terror of a leaking milk container that we come to know of only after it has ruined our car’s seat. We can’t blame the supermarkets for every incident we might experience, but sometimes it is only right to file a complaint about them. Read more

How to complain about airlines?

Airlines do their best to convince customers they are their number one concern, but it doesn’t always feel like that when something goes wrong. An issue could occur before, during or even after the flight – such as when dealing with the nightmare of trying to reclaim luggage. Read more

complain online

How to file a complaint online?

As a consumer we open ourselves to both positive and negative customer experiences. In the case of the latter, you’ll want to share your negative experience and have your voice heard. Online reviews, feedback and complaints are becoming increasingly influential in the success and popularity of a company. However, we are not always familiar with how best to write a complaint. Consider our five tips to writing an impactful online complaint. Read more