Parcel Couriers

Unfortunately a lot can go wrong between the sending and receiving a parcel. From expensive packages just dropped in backyards, to partially packed boxes that have been left on your doorstep without even ringing the bell. Or it could be as bad as not receiving important documents.

Issues like these and many others are likely to happen sometimes which ever best courier providing services you choose. All you can do is have a little patient, smartness to handle these situations for getting a compensation for the problems caused by a mistake of the courier company.

One of the first and easiest things you can possibly do to get compensated is to file a complaint.

Before you report a complaint we advise you to contact the sender first (where they can be mistaken too) to get the matters cleared and later file a complaint to the couriers services providers.

Dissolution rate


Yodel needs another 47 complaints to rank.

  Parcel Force

Parcel Force needs another 49 complaints to rank.


UPS needs another 49 complaints to rank.


USPS needs another 46 complaints to rank.


EC-Firstclass needs another 49 complaints to rank.