How to complaint about parcel couriers the RIGHT way?

Ordering products and having them delivered today is just the way that business is done nowadays. But what if something goes wrong? When you are expecting or needing a product and it comes damaged, late or there are other problems with the delivery? In this case it is advisable to submit a complaint as quickly as possible so that your problem will be resolved quickly.

There are some things that you should keep in mind when it comes to complaining about your parcel courier, the following article will help you to make the most effective complaint as possible, and ensure a solution and hopefully better service in the future.

parcel complaint

How to write a parcel delivery complaint?

There are several things that are important when it comes to composing a complaint to a package courier.

  1. State facts, don’t get carried away in emotion.
  2. Make sure you include pictures or any documentation so that they know that you have a legitimate complaint.
  3. Inform them why this was wrong and why and how they should help you.
  4. Never use threatening or abusive language. Also, do not threaten legal action unless you are willing to take that step.

When should you complain about a parcel courier?

You should definitely complain about a parcel courier if it is clear that it is their fault that your items were damaged, late or missing. In most cases you can check online to find out when your item left the retailer. As for who is at fault if something is broken, this may be more difficult to figure out.

You should always make sure that you complain right away when something happens. This considerably increases the chance of resolving your complaint.

Why complain about a parcel courier?

In most cases parcel couriers receives thousands of complaints every day about items that were late or never showed up or were damaged. They have to go through them and find out which ones are actually their fault and it is possible the years might be skipped.

Our opinion is that you should always complain if there are delivery problems. Not only to receive a refund, but also to improve the delivery process.

Results of a parcel courier complaint

There are a number of things that might happen as a result of the complaint. If your item was lost, then it is possible that they will search for and find it and get it shipped to you. If the item was damaged, some carriers have insurance that will kick in if you can truly show that it was their fault that it was damaged.

You might get an apology, a refund on the shipping price or a gift card to recover the value of your item.

Where complain about a parcel courier?

Besides reporting your complaint directly, we advise to try get some additional publicity. We can help you with this! Only thing you will have to do is report your complaint on our website.

Do you have a complaint about another parcel courier than listed below? File it here to make sure your complaint gets the attention it deserves.