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While some customers may still be encountering a bad experience, our sentiment meter has detected a -100% decline in complaints about Australia Post over the past 28 days compared to the average rate. This indicates an uptick in customer satisfaction, and signals a positive shift in customer feedback.

Sentiment data last updated on December 4, 2023

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always sending parcels to weong post hub

Complaint from hecate29 on 29 September 2023 about Australia Post.

they are always sending parcels to whyalla hub. WRONG HUB ..then whyalla has to send it back to adelaide then they send again it back to whyalla again ....port augusta is the hub it has to go... Read more

Comments: 0

Employee complaint

Complaint from Cecile on 24 July 2023 about Australia Post.

I went in to register A letter I was sending to my brother, Who has A P.O. Box at Gambier East Post Office. The lady in charge kept making. un-necessary comments to me RE: Registered mail can be refused to be... Read more

Comments: 2

Package sent across the country

Complaint from tijak9498 on 30 June 2023 about Australia Post.

I sent a package to my daughter on 16 June 2023 It was sent from nsw and was being delivered to nsw 2 days after sending, it arrived in Western Australia. It’s been there for 15 days I’ve had no help from... Read more

Comments: 0

Unable to get a parcel past Welshpool WA

Complaint from PCrow on 03 February 2023 about Australia Post.

Parcel arrives Sydney from US on 6th Jan 23, 7Jan 23 sent to Mascot? 10th Jan 23 back to Syd. same day back to Mascot again. 21st Jan 23 reached Welshpool WA. 22nd Jan 23 Welshpool WA sends it to Botany Bay... Read more

Comments: 0

Mail and parcels being tampered with

Complaint from K.D. on 05 August 2022 about Australia Post.

We have lived at our address for 8-9 years and never had a problem with mail or parcels but since a new driver A.J. he refuses to deliver to my address he has used the excuse that he thought no... Read more

Comments: 0

Parcels being messed with

Complaint from Ken duggan on 05 August 2022 about Australia Post.

I have had trouble with Australia post for a while now I can't get parcels to my house unless I pay for a steel box with a lock and give a key to driver(unacceptable not going to happen)so I get... Read more

Comments: 0

Failure to deliver mail

Complaint from Ollie707 on 14 July 2022 about Australia Post.

In May this year I readdressed my grandson's Medicare Card to the above address. in Sorrell never arrived despite my grandson going to the post office several times. On 1 July I received to registered letters at my... Read more

Comments: 0


Complaint from on 20 May 2022 about Australia Post.

The post man who delivers our mail insists on driving over our front lawn which is very soft and muddy as a result of the recent rain. He leaves six inch deep ruts every time he takes his shortcut to... Read more

Comments: 0

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