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Our mission is simple: resolve complaints.

We connect businesses with their customers to resolve complaints through an effective transparent process.

Besides that we are a community of consumers who share their experiences and gives advice to each other. You can learn from other people’s complaints and avoid common pitfalls.

And if you want to make your complaint stand out even more, we have some extra tools:

  • Let us notify the business that your complaint is posted on our platform

  • Let us share your complaint on our social media channels

  • Feature your complaint on our homepage for some extra attention

  • NEW: Let our AI complaint letter service write a professional complaint letter and send it to the company via USPS

We are here to make your voice heard and your problem solved. Join us today!


Share your story

We believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to share their experience with a large audience. Your contribution will help other people in our community to identify (non)customer-friendly companies.

Increase your chances

Our goal is to make sure your complaint is taken seriously. When you submit a complaint, you show that you won't let your problem pass by quietly. We will make sure your complaint gets the attention it deserves. This increases the chance of a resolved complaint.

Easy to use

Are you also done with those difficult complaint processes that are different for every company? Through our platform you can complain about every company in the same way. You only have to submit your details once. Think of us as your personal complaint assistant.

Webcare 2.0

We give businesses the tools to resolve complaints more effectively. Besides that we have a helpful community who might be able to advise you. Or maybe you will find other people who have had a similar experience. Never underestimate the power of a community.