Complaints about Netflix

Netflix is an extremely popular streaming service that let you watch a vast library of movies and TV shows for a single monthly price. As with any entertainment service, something can ruin your fun at Netflix. Did you get cutoff while your subscription is still valid? Do you have any problem with your content preferences? Perhaps you aren’t getting your desired shows? Or do you have connection problems? Whatever your complaint is, report your complaint at so that Netflix can respond to your complaint and possibly offer a solution!

You could also check out our Netflix FAQ page with answers to the most common questions and problems.

How to file a Netflix complaint?

Whatever your complaint about Netflix is, follow the next three steps in order to have the best chance of resolving your complaint.

1. Click on the 'File Netflix complaint' button.
2. Describe your complaint in detail, and suggest how Netflix should resolve it.
3. Submit your complaint directly to Netflix and mention that you posted your complaint on

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Statistics of Netflix in the category Online Services

660 total complaints
2.6 /10
190 votes

Complaints timeline


Complaint from on 24 September 2020 about Netflix in category Online Services

Cuties is a god awful, disgraceful, disgusting, sexualizing young girls. I’m disgusted and ashamed of it being allowed on Netflix or anywhere for that matter. Just when I didn’t think 2020 could get any worse, this garbage shows up on... Read more

Too loud

Complaint from on 22 September 2020 about Netflix in category Online Services

The volume is ridiculously loud and then not loud enough at times. Have to constantly change the volume updown during viewing. The loudness is deafening and will prolly blow my damn speakers out and deafen my whole family at the... Read more