Netflix Complaint Sentiment: Negative

Our sentiment meter has identified a 233% increase in complaints about Netflix over the past 28 days compared to the average rate. This underscores potential challenges in customer experience. For informed decision-making, we strongly recommend reviewing the complaints before considering Netflix's offerings.

Sentiment data last updated on March 1, 2024

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Do you have a dispute or had a bad customer experience with Netflix? Submit your Netflix complaint through our platform to support its escalation, prompting their customer service to resolve it.

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We have received 43 complaints about Netflix over the last 12 months. The graph below shows a monthly breakdown.


Netflix complaint statistics

Curious about Netflix's track record in addressing complaints within the Broadcasting Network, Online Services category? Dive into the all-time complaints data right here!

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Netflix customer service FAQ:

Why should I file a complaint about Netflix on is a platform where you can voice your concerns and complaints about any company, including Netflix. By filing a complaint on our platform, you can share your experience with others, get help from our community, and hold Netflix accountable for any issues or problems you may have encountered.

What types of complaints can I file about Netflix on

You can file any kind of complaint related to Netflix, such as billing issues, subscription problems, content quality, technical issues, and any other concerns you may have experienced.

What are the most common complaints about Netflix?

According to our complaints database, some common complaints about Netflix include:

  • Billing problems: Some customers report unexpected or incorrect charges on their invoices, difficulty canceling subscriptions, or unauthorized charges.
  • Content quality issues: Some customers report low-quality video or audio, buffering issues, or content that doesn't match descriptions or ratings.
  • Technical problems: Some customers report difficulties accessing the service, logging in, or using certain features.
  • Subscription issues: Some customers report difficulty changing or canceling their subscription, or being charged for a subscription they thought was canceled.
  • Customer service issues: Some customers report difficulty reaching Netflix customer service representatives or receiving unsatisfactory responses to their inquiries.

Can I expect compensation or a refund if I file a complaint about Netflix on

While we cannot guarantee compensation or refunds, filing a complaint can help ensure that your issue is addressed and resolved in a more timely and appropriate manner.

How can I contact Netflix customer service directly?

After submitting your complaint through our platform, it's a good idea to notify Netflix directly. You can contact Netflix customer service through their website, mobile app, Twitter, or by phone at 1-866-579-7172.

How to contact the customer service of Netflix?

Below, you will find the contact information for the complaint department of Netflix. To amplify the impact of your complaint, please use our complaint form.

Complaint line phone number:
Webcare email:
Corporate HQ address:
121 Albright Way, Los Gatos, CA 95032
Contact form:

The corporate office of Netflix is located at 121 Albright Way, Los Gatos, CA 95032. You can contact the customer service of Netflix by calling 1-866-579-7172. For Netflix support through email, send your inquiry to If you want to reach out to Netflix through their own website, you can use their contact form.

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Netflix reviews: (1380)

Authentic experiences shared by our community for your benefit.

Child Nudity

Complaint from NicoleMeyer on 18 February 2024 about Netflix.

On the streaming platform Netflix. A inappropriate film called “Changed Up” that features two children, a male and female. These two young innocent children are inappropriately exposed showing full genitals. I am ashamed that Netflix even entertains something this disturbing.... Read more

Comments: 0


Complaint from Nexus on 09 February 2024 about Netflix.

How is it that they can take your money in 5 minutes but tell you it will take 3 days to refund??? I know they keep money in there account to make them interest. Give my money back I'm going... Read more

Comments: 0

Casting to my tv

Complaint from HarrisJ on 04 February 2024 about Netflix.

Netflix bulls my phone company for 5ye basic plan but has recently deleted the ability to cast to my Chromecast plugin. This is really unacceptable. If the TV has their app it works but my tv doesn't have... Read more

Comments: 0

Account hacked

Complaint from Maria S on 03 February 2024 about Netflix.

I have a plan where I pay £7.99 monthly, and the same plan and account since years. My account was hacked. Suddenly all my details were changed and I had many emails from Netflix, informing of signing in from a different... Read more

Comments: 0

Netflix thinks I am using a vpn when I am not

Complaint from BrightLunar on 05 January 2024 about Netflix.

I installed a vpn whatever a while back. I logged into my account from my sister's place and it worked fine there. When I got into my profile at my home, however, they think I am using a vpn because... Read more

Comments: 0

Hacked account

Complaint from Greenh on 10 December 2023 about Netflix.

To whom it may concern, Please accept this email as an official complaint. On Friday 8th December I woke up to find emails that my Netflix account has been hacked. My account had been upgraded and members added without my consent, causing... Read more

Comments: 0

unable to download

Complaint from loubielou on 28 November 2023 about Netflix.

I tried to download titles to take device away with us on 10.11.23, but it said download limit exceeded despite no downloads!!!, hours on phone and chat to several diff advisors to Abe asked 15 times to sign out of... Read more

Comments: 1

Taking double payments

Complaint from Jbeebus on 07 November 2023 about Netflix.

My NETFLIX subscription moved to my SKY package in August 2019, and so my SKY bill includes Netflix. Today I discovered that NETFLIX have been taking £15.99 from me every month (on or around the 4th) ever since, to the... Read more

Comments: 0

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