Netflix complaint: Account hacked

Complaint from Maria S reported on 03 February 2024 about Netflix

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My complaint:

I have a plan where I pay £7.99 monthly, and the same plan and account since years.
My account was hacked. Suddenly all my details were changed and I had many emails from Netflix, informing of signing in from a different location and device, change of password, adding users, and change of much more expensive plan (3 times the cost of the one I had). I called to Netflix inmediately and my account was restored. However, the forced me to move to a more expensive plan, I do not want, I did not ask for, with the excuse that the plan I had is not available anymore.
First my account is hacked because of not very secured system / platform, which already brings me issues and waste of time. But on top of that they forced me to accept a plan, no even offering a refund.

Suggested solution:

They should get me my plan back as the hacking is not my fault. It is their responsability offering a secure platform since they offered an online service. If they are unable to offer my previous plan, they should offer a refund for the time my plan still in use for other costumers.

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