Netflix complaint: Hacked account

Complaint from Greenh reported on 10 December 2023 about Netflix

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My complaint:

To whom it may concern,

Please accept this email as an official complaint.

On Friday 8th December I woke up to find emails that my Netflix account has been hacked. My account had been upgraded and members added without my consent, causing a considerable increase to my monthly premium from £6.99 a month to £27.97 a month.

I contacted the online help centre who removed and refunded the additional members. When I asked for my plan to be reverted back to what it was I was told you were unable to do this.
I could only have a plan which was either £4.99 or £10.99.
I questioned why I was being penalised for being hacked to which the response was it was just how it was now.
I asked if I could go on the £10.99 plan and be credited so I pay my normal premium but again was told no.

I therefore had no option but to cancel! This was something I did not want to do.
Please can someone look into this as I would like my Netflix account reinstated to what it was before it got hacked. It seems very unfair that I am being penalised for something which was completely out of my control.

You will see I have been a customer for sometime with no issues!

I look forward to your response.

Hayley Green.

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Suggested solution:

I would like my account reinstalled to what is was before I was hacked with the same premium.

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