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Statistics of Yodel in the category Parcel Couriers

3 complaints last year
1.0 /10
9 ratings

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Complaint from on 28 November 2021 about Yodel in category Parcel Couriers

Parcel left on doorstep in full view. No attempt made to leave with a neighbour or find a safe place to leave it. Cameras on the front and back of the house show the delivery person was only interested in taking a... Read more

misuse of email address

Complaint from on 27 November 2020 about Yodel in category Parcel Couriers

I received emails from Yodel about a delivery made on 27 November 2020. I have never used Yodel and did not expect or receive a delivery from them. I requested more details about who was fraudulently using my email... Read more


Complaint from on 02 September 2020 about Yodel in category Parcel Couriers

Flowers ordered for a friend whose father had died,not delivered on time, driver was a couple of streets away and then was delayed, of able to get to talk to anybody just an automated service which is now any... Read more

Unfortunately Yodel

Complaint from on 17 July 2017 about Yodel in category Parcel Couriers

Unfortunately I have had to deal in the past with Home Delivery Service (HDL) and/or YODEL due to my deals with Virgin that unfortunately and inexplicably (I guess low price) use this dubious company as their parcel delivery service. I was... Read more