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Statistics of Packlink in the category Parcel Couriers

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Complaints overview

Failed delivery

Complaint from on 30 July 2021 about Packlink in category Parcel Couriers

I use My Hermes vis Pack Link for collection and delivery of items an item collected on the 200720121 has not been delivered I entered the pack link ref number as a follow up to address the non delivery but each time... Read more

Missing parcel

Complaint from on 04 July 2021 about Packlink in category Parcel Couriers

Ups took my parcel UN2021COM0000022463 On the 290321 and I’m still waiting for the parcel to arrive. During this time I have emailed packlink many times I have sent all the information they asked me for but my parcel is... Read more

Parcel not delivered

Complaint from on 19 June 2021 about Packlink in category Parcel Couriers

Tracking number67A0006431693 (Hermes reference 210601-009860) I was told my parcel was delivered and sent a photo of it being pushed through our letterbox but the parcel was addressed to a neighbour and my parcel would not have fit through a letter... Read more

Shipment arrived broken

Complaint from on 18 June 2021 about Packlink in category Parcel Couriers

On 13 June I sent a shipment sold on ebay via packlink, using their inpostHermes service. I paid by paypal. The Transaction id was 4RW89305G97318909, the tracking number was 0586078507053077 and the reference number was GB2021EBAY0026812037. The parcel arrived broken, despite... Read more