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While ParcelCompare facilitates a broad range of delivery services, our community data highlights several common complaints regarding their service. Major issues reported include lost or missing parcels, delayed or failed deliveries, and persistent problems with refund processing. Customers also frequently mention being charged multiple times for the same shipment and encountering unhelpful or unresponsive customer service.

To avoid these issues, we recommend ensuring parcels are well-documented and insured, thoroughly checking billing statements, and maintaining detailed records of all communications. If any problems arise, contact customer service immediately, providing necessary evidence such as photos, invoices, and tracking details.

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ParcelCompare Customer Sentiment: Negative

Our sentiment meter has identified a 100% increase in complaints about ParcelCompare over the past 28 days compared to the average rate. This underscores potential challenges in customer experience. For informed decision-making, we strongly recommend reviewing the complaints before considering ParcelCompare's offerings.

Sentiment data last updated on June 17, 2024

ParcelCompare complaints chart

We have received 5 complaints about ParcelCompare over the last 12 months. The graph below shows a monthly breakdown.


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ParcelCompare complaint: Threatening email 4 months later demanding more money
ParcelCompare complaint: Dispute money take out of my Account
ParcelCompare complaint: Late delivery and extra charges
ParcelCompare complaint: Haven't solved my issue after 5 days
ParcelCompare complaint: They have charged me 3 times for parcel
ParcelCompare complaint: Evri labels failed to generate
ParcelCompare complaint: Lost parcel
ParcelCompare complaint: Parcel not collected
ParcelCompare complaint: Issue with the request no 3434121
ParcelCompare complaint: My parcel lost and they refused to refund me
ParcelCompare complaint: my package I sent to France has been lost

ParcelCompare complaint statistics

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Bad reviews about ParcelCompare: (23)

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Lost Item, still no refund

Complaint from Alassana1 on 20 May 2024 about ParcelCompare.

I have purchased Parcelcompare services on the 18/03/2024 for collection off my item to be sent from UK Willenhall to Guinea-Bissau by the 16/04/2024 and on the 17/04/2024 as my item have not been delivered then I get in contact... Read more

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Threatening email 4 months later demanding more money

Complaint from AElizabeth on 10 January 2024 about ParcelCompare.

The follow are emails in reverse order from January to september between me and parcelcompare- after they took an additional amount of money from my account 2 months after I purchased a parcel delivery through their website in July. Please read... Read more

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Dispute money take out of my Account

Complaint from Dnt have on 18 August 2023 about ParcelCompare.

I had money taken out of my Bank Account on the 24th July £60 saying Parcel compare. U told my about the bill which I'm not aware of it. I used your Website and paid online on Parcelforce for... Read more

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Late delivery and extra charges

Complaint from bilbo on 26 June 2023 about ParcelCompare.

Parcel was due for delivery on the 21st June did get delivered until the 26th June. In the uk I paid £33.90 and unknown to me the recipient has had to pay an additional 29.00 euros.There is no phone number... Read more

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Haven't solved my issue after 5 days

Complaint from JFIG on 20 February 2023 about ParcelCompare.

I booked a delivery with Parcel Compare, after paying almost 67£ they have not sent my labels, after having a bad feeling about them I decided to cancel the service, their last answer was last Saturday, today I sent them... Read more

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Cheating the customers money

Complaint from Salika Lankeshanie on 07 February 2023 about ParcelCompare.

I used their service twice. First experience - I booked their service to deliver a letter to Sri Lanka by 31012023. It was a power-of- attoney letter that needs to be delivered before signing of an agreement. They took so much... Read more

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