Complaints about USPS

Did USPS deliver your package or letter too late? Or has it even been lost? Sometimes things can go wrong with a delivery. We recommend submitting a complaint or claim in such cases. Besides that your complaint could be resolved, USPS can learn from your case to prevent such issues in the future.

How to file a USPS complaint?

Whatever your complaint about USPS is, follow the next three steps in order to have the best chance of resolving your complaint.

1. Click on the 'File USPS complaint' button.
2. Describe your complaint in detail, and suggest how USPS should resolve it.
3. Submit your complaint directly to USPS and mention that you posted your complaint on

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Complaints overview

Can't find my package

Complaint from on 07 December 2018 about USPS in category Parcel Couriers

Been at the post office two days in a row still can't find my package said it was not in my box but the Best Buy company said they can't do a refund because the post office said they are... Read more

Dishonest carrier

Complaint from on 03 December 2018 about USPS in category Parcel Couriers

Extremely important package to be delivered today. Carrier reported that they tried to deliver around 4:30pm but path to door was blocked. Many problems with this; 1) no cars on driveway, clear path to door completely 2) other packages from... Read more

Certified letters

Complaint from on 22 November 2018 about USPS in category Parcel Couriers

On 10-31-18(10:00am) I mailed five certified letters at the post office at 645 Wynn, Huntsville, AL. The clerk questioned me about what was in the letters; because they were going to production companies. He wanted to know if i was... Read more

Missing Item

Complaint from on 15 November 2018 about USPS in category Parcel Couriers

I would like the USPS to return my missing item which was not received. Mr Bargone, supervisor at Brevoort Station, 1205 Atlantic Avenue, BKLYN, NY 11216, is claiming it was delivered on November 1st 2018 and I never received it.... Read more