USPS complaint: Forwarding Problem

on 21 September 2022 about USPS in category Parcel Couriers

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My complaint:

When my son moved out he completed a forwarding order with USPS. Unfortunately my son made the life-changing mistake of having the same last name as us. The USPS, without my permission, and with nothing signed by me, decided to change my life and everything in it by sharing this ‘new address’ with credit card companies, banks, insurance, credit agencies and more. It took me over a year to get it all fixed to note that I haven’t moved and have been in the same home for 25 years.

HOWEVER it’s not over. The credit bureaus refuse to remove the ‘false new address’ from my credit report. Now, if I need to electronically ‘verify’ my identity, one of the questions that comes up is previous addresses. It always pops up – so I either am required to lie and select it as a previous address (thereby cementing it as a previous address) or select none of the above at which point I fail the identity verification. I need help! I want to sue them for the nightmare they have caused me by invading my privacy.

Suggested solution:

Remove the forwarding (which has long ago happened) and report that this address was NEVER a previous address or current address to all the credit bureaus so they remove it from my record. THEY REPORTED IT, SO THEY SHOULD ADMIT THEIR ERROR!

I tried getting it off and they won\'t do it.

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