How to complain about a failed delivery?

If you make a purchase online and delivery is delayed or your order is lost or damaged then the good news is that you have rights and can claim accordingly.

Here’s how to complain about failed deliveries.

If you make a purchase online and delivery is delayed or your order is lost or damaged then the good news is that you have rights and can claim accordingly.

Here’s how to complain about failed deliveries.

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Who is responsible when a delivery fails?

The first rule of thumb is that when you agree to buy goods, you enter into a contract with the retailer not the courier company. You should complain to the retailer as soon as you become aware of any delay, damage or loss. This applies even if you feel that it is poor customer service on the part of the courier, which has caused the issue. It is up to the retailer to investigate, find a solution and if appropriate provide a refund or appropriate redress.

When should I complain about a failed delivery?

1. If your delivery was time specific i.e. a delivery date was specified when you agreed the contract with the understanding that your order would be delivered on that date, then it should arrive when promised. However if your parcel does not arrive at the specified time then you can claim for a refund including postage costs accordingly. Check Terms and Conditions when purchasing for more information.

2. If your parcel is delayed and you paid for a time specific delivery then you can claim the postage back. If you didn’t agree a delivery date and the parcel is late then you should try to liaise regarding a rescheduled delivery date so the retailer has the opportunity to fulfill the order. However, if the new deadline is not met then this is a breach of contract and you can request a refund.

Under the Federal Trade Commission’s 30-Day Rule, delivery should be within 30 days. If an order is placed by telephone, fax, mail or Internet then the shipment is covered by The Rule. The company could be in violation of FTC rules against deceptive advertising if they do not deliver timely.

Similarly in the UK, The Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 state that you need to allow 30 days from the date of order for your goods to arrive. This regulation also means that you can cancel any purchases made online from the moment you place your order until 14 days from when you receive the goods. Some exceptions apply so check your retailer’s Terms and Conditions both for these and also as to whether postage costs are also included in this respect.

It’s worth remembering that if you specify a safe place for delivery and something goes wrong, your order could still be deemed as received. If you didn’t provide specific delivery instructions then it’s the retailer who is responsible for your purchase until received.

3. If your parcel appears to be damaged, take photos of the packaging before you open the parcel then inspect the contents carefully. Photos can be submitted to support your complaint when you report the damage to the retailer so they can take up the case with the courier.

4. If you believe your delivery has been stolen then it is still a crime regardless of whether you gave permission to leave in a safe place or with a neighbour. If the delivery was left somewhere without your permission then the retailer is in breach of contract and should organise a timely refund or replacement. As ever, evidence is key so take a record of key dates, times and all correspondence with the retailer to support any investigation. Filing a police report alone for a suspected stolen parcel may not get you a refund or replacement but it can help strengthen your claim.

Where should I file a complaint about a failed parcel delivery?

Although the delivery of parcels most of the times goes well, sometimes things can go wrong. The seller is solely responsible for the delivery of your package. You should contact the seller if your package has not been delivered or is damaged.

It may also be helpfull to post your complaint on social media or on our website. This will show that you won’t let your problem pass by quietly. We will make sure your complaint gets the attention it deserves. This increases the chance of a resolved complaint.

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