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Poshmark complaints:

Fake designer handbags

Complaint from on 19 October 2022 about Poshmark in category Fashion

I purchased 2 Luck brand handbags from a seller on Poshmark. The bags were not authentic even though they were advertised as authentic. The tags had misspelled words such as Leathr and the quality was awful. I notified Poshmark and... Read more

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Buyer never returned items

Complaint from on 04 October 2022 about Poshmark in category Fashion

A buyer purchased six items from me for over $300. She then tried to contact me to change the size of two of the items after she had already made the purchase. I did not see her messages until I... Read more

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Complaint from on 18 July 2022 about Poshmark in category Fashion

I bought a Chanel purse off Posh, then tried to reposh the item and they banned the item from being resold for fraud. How can they sell it to me and keep my money if they are considering it... Read more

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