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Transphobia and bullying

Complaint from on 14 April 2022 about Sunglass Hut in category Fashion

I was shopping whittnessed an altercation and passive aggression towards a trans employee. The manager of the store (his name is james, read his name) disrespectes the trans employee by talking about her when she walked in the back.... Read more

False warranty

Complaint from on 09 November 2021 about Sunglass Hut in category Fashion

I was told my glasses where I under warranty for replacement and broken full refund or exchange I’ve just been told by sake’s assistant in Myers Chatswood buy the Reginald manger that they are only coved for screws replaced in... Read more

Refund not processed

Complaint from on 26 October 2021 about Sunglass Hut in category Fashion

Recently I refunded a pair of sunglasses to sunglass hut and they never processed my refund to me and neither respond constant emails or phone calls. I have tracking proof that the parcel has been received by them. Read more


Complaint from on 23 September 2021 about Sunglass Hut in category Fashion

Ijust receive the Rayban Facebook on Tue 92121, but im not satisfied because i keeps falling on my Nose so I decided to return it right away the next day which is yesterday.The 2 girls which i guess a sales... Read more

Gift Card Balance Issue

Complaint from on 22 August 2021 about Sunglass Hut in category Fashion

On July 31, 2021 I tried to buy some sunglasses online at Sunglass Hut website. My gift card was for $100 USD. The purchase amount was approximately $150. I attempted to use my gift card balance of $100 and per... Read more

Rude sales woman

Complaint from on 09 August 2021 about Sunglass Hut in category Fashion

I walked in approximately 11:30am to purchase a specific pair of sunglasses. I asked the sales woman do they have a new pair because of Covid-19 and so many people putting the display pair on. She said they did not.... Read more