Sunglass Hut complaint: Refund

Complaint from Holly Hendricks reported on 21 June 2023 about Sunglass Hut

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My complaint:

My daughter and I bought sunglasses 6/8/23. Buy one get one 40% off. Tried to return them on 6/20. My husband just had open heart surgery across the street so I hadn’t worn them. The first time I put them on the ear piece feel off. We went back to return both pairs because of the flimsy ear pieces. We were going to exchange them for different Raybans. The sales person was very rude about everything. He said that he couldn’t do anything because mine were damaged. Of course they were!! I didn’t even get a chance to wear them!!! My daughter said to just give her money back and he did not refund all the money to her. This doesn’t seem right! She paid $189.44 and got back $105.00. Seriously I never complain but this was horrible. We always buy sunglasses from you but he really made me never to want to buy again from your company. Now I have broken glasses and she lost a lot of money!!!!!

Suggested solution:

Refund the rest of her money and refund my money. We only wanted to exchange them!!!!!

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