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Platos Closet complaints:

False Advertisement

Complaint from on 30 July 2022 about Platos Closet in category Fashion

We went to Plato’s Closet in Murfreesboro, TN after reading online about the various types they take. The advertisement said they are always accepting items. After waiting a few hours, we went back and were rudely given our basket of... Read more

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Rip off

Complaint from on 26 October 2021 about Platos Closet in category Fashion

I went to buy something which I always drop stuff off and the always say something is wrong when they have wear and tear and holes on the stuff on shelf . But for once I was in the store... Read more

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Rude associate discrimination

Complaint from on 24 September 2021 about Platos Closet in category Fashion

I had some clothes I was trying to sell at Plato's closet on San Mateo in Albuquerque NM I attempted to take them in about 4 times and the same girl kept telling me they stopped early or something, so... Read more

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Not appreciated

Complaint from on 02 December 2019 about Platos Closet in category Fashion

Me and my bf came in with four big bags if clothes shoes. and Adidas and heels and fall and winter clothes . We just felt like we came for nothin cus out of it all we got together... Read more

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