Platos Closet complaint: Discrimination slander an black manager made racist slurs toward me

Complaint from Fedupwithpeople50 reported on 24 February 2024 about Platos Closet

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My complaint:

I been customer at this store for years a new black rude female manager who hired all her personal buddies an these people are steeling out nice name brand outfits we bring to sell this black manager female an her thug friends take an only pay us ALLMOST Everytime we bring in five bags at time all like new top name brand stuff an this racist black female manager. Made remarks you damn stupid white hill Billy’s be thankful I’m on duty are her black ass would take us out side an curb stomp our bird shit asses

Suggested solution:

I want the remaining money they owe me for four bags of items they refuse to release back to me an Thur twenty bucks at us an barred us cause we address the issue I told them I stood right outside watch how they took my brand new name brand high dollar items an eas not even. Reviewing them peaces instead throwing my items in dirty ass floor an cussing. One black chick that manager there talking about how big her boyfriend's dick it an how she takes all that brown sugar talking like this in front store full of customers when I address my child present stop with that unprofessional shit my child four years old for god sake yet months of this racist nasty hood rat manager bullshit an no one yet to do something about it well if no one handles this I'll drag the BUSSNESs into court

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