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QVC complaints:

promises of delivery never kept

Complaint from on 01 March 2023 about QVC in category Fashion

ordered a food product middle of Feb.; QVC promised delivery on 224. Never happened. Contacted them and new promise of delivery on 31. Never happened. Contact Customer Service - told item was shipped out on 31.... Read more

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Never received goods or refund

Complaint from on 22 December 2022 about QVC in category Fashion

I placed and order and my order was randomly canceled and my account terminated. My money was never returned and no communication or explanation was given.Order was placed on 1210. Order number is 6922545459. Total $517.16.They still have... Read more

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Not update

Complaint from on 09 November 2022 about QVC in category Fashion

Sir my visa number is 382022387177.sir my last test 10 Oct but no responses. I have submite report last 10 Oct. Please update my system. Read more

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Complaint from on 21 October 2022 about QVC in category Fashion

I returned items to qvc late September and early October here it is a month later in nothing I write to them in chat but they click off never given me time to explain I'm tired of the run around... Read more

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