Groupon complaint: Groupon merchant keeps cancelling my appointment and Groupon won’t help me or refund me or issue credit

Complaint from olalasz1 reported on 09 September 2023 about Groupon

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My complaint:

Hi there,

a Groupon merchant keeps delaying and rescheduling my appointment. I bought the Groupon in July, and in September they told me that they need to reschedule my appointment for a third time, pushing it to October. It was 500$, a lot of money, for micro needling, three treatments.

I had complained about this merchant to them in august but they did nothing. Groupon says the cooling off period is over after 3 days and they can issue no refunds after that. ??? This makes no sense as it’s been 3 months and still no appointment from the merchant. how can I ask for a refund within 3 days when the appointment wasn’t even cancelled until a few weeks after purchasing? This is unacceptable.

Suggested solution:

They should refund me the money I spent OR issue me credit with Groupon.

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