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Our sentiment meter has identified a 100% increase in complaints about Nextdoor over the past 28 days compared to the average rate. This underscores potential challenges in customer experience. For informed decision-making, we strongly recommend reviewing the complaints before considering Nextdoor's offerings.

Sentiment data last updated on December 4, 2023

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We have received 3 complaints about Nextdoor over the last 12 months. The graph below shows a monthly breakdown.


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Toxic site moderated by toxic people

Complaint from joek on 01 December 2023 about Nextdoor.

This site contains advocation of illegal activities, trying to point it out results in banning and suspension. Disgusting moderation practices. Read more

Comments: 0

My account was temporarily disabled unfairly.

Complaint from Ddandken on 25 March 2023 about Nextdoor.

I have been on Next door for years and was disabled today for privately messaging someone I knew was scamming the next door audience. I could have exposed the scammer, but instead I contacted them directly. They in turn... Read more

Comments: 0

Pro child molestation

Complaint from Jimmy j on 10 November 2022 about Nextdoor.

I was suspended for reporting that a candidate for the county commissioner running unopposed is also under indictment for improper contact with a 13 year old girl. No explanation, lead asked me not to use his name, so I didn’t.... Read more

Comments: 0

Nextdoor Bias

Complaint from louised on 10 November 2022 about Nextdoor.

I'd give this app a zero if I could. I have my own private conservative groups on line and for some reason I keep getting suspended upon posting. Today I posted something in one of my groups. I went to... Read more

Comments: 0

Discriminatory Biased Policies

Complaint from Mike Jordan on 16 October 2022 about Nextdoor.

I have been on Next Door for years, but suddenly Next Door, and after many years, decided that my account does not follow their community guidelines because my full real name is not spelled out completely. That was timely after... Read more

Comments: 0

called disrespectful for standing up to a BULLY

Complaint from Lynnette Bird on 26 September 2022 about Nextdoor.

She kept harassing the other girl about her appearance, told the girl she looked like a witch. I got reported for ASKING the BULLY if she had to work at being a witch or if it just came natural.... Read more

Comments: 1

Nextdoor Lead Banned Me For No Good Reason

Complaint from Vance C. on 16 September 2022 about Nextdoor.

I had presented a hypothesis about the homeless situation in the city of San Francisco (after it was reported in the news that a outside city policeman dropped off a homeless person in SF). Well, apparently John Z, a... Read more

Comments: 0

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