Nextdoor complaint: Nextdoor Lead Banned Me For No Good Reason

on 16 September 2022 about Nextdoor in category Online Services

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My complaint:

I had presented a hypothesis about the homeless situation in the city of San Francisco (after it was reported in the news that a outside city policeman dropped off a homeless person in SF). Well, apparently John Z, a Lead on Nextdoor decided to go above and beyond his authority by interjecting his personal views on the subject when clearly most posters agreed with my position. For him to then ban me for discrimination of all things is beyond me. John Z abused his Lead position and he should be reprimanded or removed from his duties.

Suggested solution:

John Z should be required to apologize not only to me but the general neighborhood community. All I did was present a view that while some folks may disagree with others have agreed with me as well. To then ban me under some ridiculous reason that clearly I did not violate is a black eye for Nextdoor. Where is the oversight over your moderators and leads?

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