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Amazon is a tech company that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming and AI.

Amazon is known for their customer first principle, but as with any company... something can go wrong.

How to file a complaint to Amazon?

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Complaints overview

Driver error

Complaint from on 09 September 2021 about Amazon in category Online Services

On Sept the amazon drivered delivered my package to the wrong house, a picture sent by amazon shows it delivered to the wrong address, and the neighbors have no knowledge of it Read more


Complaint from on 27 August 2021 about Amazon in category Online Services

I am not satisfied with the amazon delivery service. They delivery to wrong apt 15J. Let me explain my building has a left side entrance and a right side entrance. My entrance is on the left apt... Read more

Memphis hub and USPS

Complaint from on 07 August 2021 about Amazon in category Online Services

Almost every package I order (and I order ALOT) that comes thru Memphis hub and goes to USPS either gets lost or is delayed sometimes for days. The problem is probably with USPS but bears checking into. Any other hub... Read more


Complaint from on 26 July 2021 about Amazon in category Online Services

I put in new stone circle driveway. My car just makes it Amazon driver driver with his bigger truck couldnt make it and did big time damage. This was about a month ago. I was... Read more


Complaint from on 29 June 2021 about Amazon in category Online Services

Why did it take 10 days for my return to amazon to be pick up from Kohl's. And I still don;t have my refund. I not very happy with amazon. Not letting people know with you take something to Kohl's for a... Read more