Facebook complaint: Forged cards and money on marketplace

Complaint from pdd reported on 11 February 2024 about Facebook

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My complaint:

The ads on there are against there rules and our country rules , they openly let ads for forged money,cloned credit cards,weapons,drugs,sexual ads with explicit images,alchol and smoking items.
I have reported this them on more than one occation.
There Rules
What cannot be sold on Facebook Marketplace.
Facebook maintains a list of items not allowed to be sold on Marketplace. These items include:

Digital products or subscriptions.Seen

Weapons, ammunition or explosives.Seen


Illegal, prescription or recreational drugs.Seen

Medical or healthcare products.Seen

Tobacco products and related paraphernalia.Seen

Ingestible supplements.Seen

Adult products and services.Seen

Real money gambling services.Seen

Real, virtual or fake currency.Seen

Misleading, deceptive, or offensive items.Seen

Recalled products.

Suggested solution:

Check the ads properly before putting them on

Forged cards and money on marketplace
Forged cards and money on marketplace
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