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Riot Games complaints:

Cheater during match

Complaint from on 10 July 2022 about Riot Games in category Gaming

While playing at the Tokyo server, there was a cheater player which we reported multiple times, but the game wasn't terminated. Afterward, I lost 22 rr because of what happened. The name of the player is goltu293 6587.Heshe jumps... Read more

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Banned from comp que

Complaint from on 16 June 2022 about Riot Games in category Gaming

I got banned from competitive que for over 2 weeks for no reason. I got chat banned probably from some kid who got angry when i said GG ez or something Read more

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Loading Screen Glitch

Complaint from on 22 May 2022 about Riot Games in category Gaming

I trying to get in a game of competitive but instead i get a loading screen glitch i tried restarting my game over and over but nothing fixes it and i got a full 7 day ban for that when... Read more

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Complaint from on 22 April 2022 about Riot Games in category Gaming

Been playing valorant for quite a long time. for a few weeks ive been having problems at home and a lot of uni prep so ive been afk in multiple games. doing so has resulted in small temp bans but... Read more

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Complaint from on 20 February 2022 about Riot Games in category Gaming

played clash game against players who are way out of our ranked games made it not fun and not want to play Read more

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being afk

Complaint from on 08 January 2022 about Riot Games in category Gaming

so i was in a game i was helping my father who has recently gotten covid and i was in the middle of a valorant game and they decided to report me for being afk that is total bullshit so... Read more

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the role of support in comp

Complaint from on 23 December 2021 about Riot Games in category Gaming

I believe that the support role, smoke in particular, is the hardest to rank up with. Though you're potential may be high, it is wasted if your team does not do anything with your smoke. I have a positive win... Read more

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