Riot Games complaint: Support team agents

Complaint from ghost-222 reported on 23 February 2024 about Riot Games

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My complaint:

Using a civilized language?? I have been playing league of legends wild rift on Android device , through those 3 years I have reported many players that intentionally were ruining the ranked matches, being toxic and ruining the experience for gamers , yet the support team didn’t take any action , due to that I started to get angry , yet they just did nothing and they always warned me not to call other players trash as if they are actually support their bad behavior, like they just want me to swallow their BS and never get mad while I keep watching them do nothing and keep those players active in the game , yet I am the one who get punished even when I provide them with the evidence of those players behavior , lately they just disabled my account , but did they even punish those who ruin the game ? Did they band those who jump into ranked match and go afk ?? No they didnt

Suggested solution:

How would I be satisfied? They should activate my account again and also dismiss those agents who abused their authority as support agent , I have their tags , so lets see if they would keep their bad agents or they just gonna lose another customer

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