Complaint: Descrimination Racism

on 15 March 2021 about Riot Games in category Gaming

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My complaint:

I recently have been strongly discriminated by the support team of Riot Games, where and because of my rank in the game, I have got my account suspended base on the wrong and poor feedback system and obviously a very poor computer algorithm design application, not to mentioned when the problem has been reported to Riot support team I have been treated as black sheep the black pest of the problem. When the number and results speak for themself I have asked for an explanation around that, the ticket has been closed with no further advise.

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Suggested solution:

They can start by an uge strong apologies remove any further suspension based on that criteria, get every person from Riot support involved on the ticket a disciplinary action and clear any track blacklist my account is added to. Or if that is asking too much get the ISPs around Europe to block riot domain name. Thanks.

Descrimination Racism
Descrimination Racism
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