Complaint: New players verbal abusing other players who have much more experience

on 19 January 2022 about Riot Games in category Gaming

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My complaint:

Giving me players in not same rank giving me players that intentionally feed the game,giving me the players im not happy about that i can congrat them for being good in game,giving me the players that frustrate me in the end of the game and not giving me the space i wrote several complaints and i think that only boosted players who pay to RIOT have chance for wining only those and that leaves me in lower position and elo bcuz i dont feel free to chose and free to win the game I dont feel equal knowing that i would not spend penny for win but deserve win.

Suggested solution:

I want to see that all boosting xp and division gone it is equal to cheating and setting up game for the players who have pocket then they win putting me in humiliating position every game and not giving me the equal experience for playing those games I want to become the challenger also i think i deserved that much bcuz in every game it is not me who feeds but my team except me bcuz they leave me no space to gank I am Rengar level 7 with good experience in game I can tell that everybody should be equal but not in pocket that is racist in game adn i could sue RIOT for that and 100% it will pass on court so Riot would need to think about it for who he works for players or government.

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