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Rockstar Games complaints:

Invisible npc enemies

Complaint from on 02 August 2022 about Rockstar Games in category Gaming

was raided in my bunker, went to fight them off to get my shit back and some of the NPC was Invisible, shot and killed me, lost all my stock and i pissed over this.Wondering if you're doing this on... Read more

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Heist money

Complaint from on 01 August 2022 about Rockstar Games in category Gaming

I finish the cayo heist and earned 1m then I loaded in and got saving failed rockstar servers unavailable so I lost my 1.4m now back to 400k Read more

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Banned my account for no reason

Complaint from on 26 February 2022 about Rockstar Games in category Gaming

As I speak to them nicely, I was driving my car, and then the game give me a message that says you are permenently banned for cheating. And they don t want to understand and check my account to see... Read more

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Activation error

Complaint from on 28 January 2022 about Rockstar Games in category Gaming

I bought RDR 2 via Steam. After one year of playing the RDR2 activation error has occurred. I have spent more than 20 hours following support advice's from reinstalling game, launchers, turning off safety on PC (which i am not... Read more

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read this

Complaint from on 24 January 2022 about Rockstar Games in category Gaming

why cant we cheat I did a little cheat were it made me more money and it wasn't affecting anyone and I don't use my cheats to harass people and I don't use them to win every time in minigames... Read more

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Unlock the hanger doors

Complaint from on 28 December 2021 about Rockstar Games in category Gaming

Anger first of all, frustration, dumbfounded..You hid the button... Seriously?I don't work in an aircraft hanger.. Do you?I'm doing my best not to cuss but what idiot do you have deciding what's fun.. Someone, Anyone explain to me how walking... Read more

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Sharkcard bonus fraud

Complaint from on 08 December 2021 about Rockstar Games in category Gaming

On 26th Nov I saw an advertisement on my GTA5 online loading screen about a sharkcard bonus of 150% if purchased it that day as black friday deal I purchased the Megalodon shark card and they promised 12 million as... Read more

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Red Dead On Line Issues

Complaint from on 23 October 2021 about Rockstar Games in category Gaming

Bounties stop being targets when I kill them, they show as bounty target until I kill them then they don't . My metal detector won't work. I am getting a lot of freezing in game, even though I am using... Read more

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Poor customer support service

Complaint from on 24 September 2021 about Rockstar Games in category Gaming

Hi I have had the worst experience ever dealing with rockstar should train there staff in how to actually deal with complaints about there game.quick to take money but when there game is constantly cheating you out of money when... Read more

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