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Fortnite complaints:

PC players

Complaint from on 17 June 2022 about Fortnite in category Gaming

PC players have an obvious advantage in any shooter us console players just get run over it kinda sucks all the fun out of the game Read more

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Complaint from on 04 June 2022 about Fortnite in category Gaming

My account keeps crashing and I spent money on that account and cannot even play it. Read more

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Crown victories

Complaint from on 27 April 2022 about Fortnite in category Gaming

So I would like to complain about the crown victories. I think it’s stupid how u have to be in the top of the team to receive a crown. I think it should be everytime u win a game not... Read more

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loading into round

Complaint from on 09 April 2022 about Fortnite in category Gaming

I start off as happy as Larry logging onto Fortnite, but it goes black and RESTARTS my whole computer before I even get in! ( btw I put that pic there because I cant take a screenshot when my desktop... Read more

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Complaint from on 02 April 2022 about Fortnite in category Gaming

Please take the shotguns away cause they are overpowered and annoying as hell, i don't see how a shotgun outways a smg, when you have emptied out a whole magazine from a SMG, but with a SHOTGUN three shots and... Read more

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Laggy game

Complaint from on 05 March 2022 about Fortnite in category Gaming

I love this game. But, when one opponent gets close to me, I am not able to see what he is doing fast enough. He kills me, I only get to know after I emptied my magazine. When I'm doing... Read more

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