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While EA Games is renowned for its popular game titles and engaging gameplay, complaint data from our community has highlighted several recurring issues that affect player experience. Common complaints include unfair or unjust bans of user accounts, hacking incidents leading to loss of virtual assets, and poor customer service responsiveness. Additionally, users have reported problems with game accessibility, such as being unable to play purchased games offline and encountering technical issues when trying to connect.

To avoid these issues, we strongly advise customers to use strong, unique passwords for their accounts and enable two-factor authentication to protect against hacking. If faced with account restrictions or bans, promptly contact customer support and document all interactions. Lastly, always keep a copy of purchase receipts and monitor game updates to prevent technical difficulties.

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Our sentiment meter has detected that EA Games complaints over the past 28 days have remained within our normal fluctuation range, showing a change of 0%. While some customers might experience challenges with EA Games, the steady level of complaints indicates that there hasn’t been a surge in widespread issues recently.

Sentiment data last updated on June 17, 2024

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EA Games complaint: Game issue fc24
EA Games complaint: Suspended unfairly
EA Games complaint: My Fifa 23 UT account was hacked then my club was deleted
EA Games complaint: Unfairly and unjustifiably account ban
EA Games complaint: I got banned for my real name,
EA Games complaint: FIFA 22 on switch is a game from 2007
EA Games complaint: Tired of being ignored

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You can contact the customer service of EA Games by calling +8664195766. If you want to reach out to EA Games through their own website, you can use their contact form.

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Game issue fc24

Complaint from Conor on 02 June 2024 about EA Games.

When I’m playing fc24 one when I’m trying to switch to a player to defend s on he didn’t score it didn’t let me switch to him also my goalkeeper has been moving to the side without me even moving... Read more

Comments: 0

Unplayable game!

Complaint from @ekimmike01 on 04 May 2024 about EA Games.

When is enough enough!! Ive contacted EA chat on and off now for over a month regarding the game crashing back to desktop and not loading. The games unplayable. I’ve paid for a non working product FC24. Nine or more... Read more

Comments: 0


Complaint from Crap on 25 March 2024 about EA Games.

Web developer online TikTok YouTube for EA games states she doesn't hire white people because she doesn't want to do with them. He said she only hires people the same color this is bladen racism. How is it even allowed?... Read more

Comments: 0

The Sims 4

Complaint from CommishLawWonder on 09 March 2024 about EA Games.

I was playing the game, I saw a character get flirty with her daughter, I filed a complaint on Answers HQ, and they banned me. I want justice! Their emergency patches are making things worse. Read more

Comments: 0

Banned my account

Complaint from IP2 on 09 November 2023 about EA Games.

I am playing golf clash game for long time, i am in top 1000 player in Golf Clash but on Sunday they banned one of my account by even giving me proper reason why they banned my account, I want... Read more

Comments: 0

Account Banned

Complaint from Covskyblue on 22 August 2023 about EA Games.

EA banned my account in June 2023. I appealed this as I only go on my laptop to play the SIMS. Unfortunately, I did not have security downloaded on my laptop, and my account was hacked. I raised this with EA... Read more

Comments: 0

Can't even get into contact with EA

Complaint from Cristal on 26 July 2023 about EA Games.

Site is messed up that I cannot even get into contact with the company about my issues. They always direct me to a self help site despite already trying those. The live chat feature won't even let you select the... Read more

Comments: 0

Bad customer service/super weird game problems

Complaint from 554525 on 17 July 2023 about EA Games.

Wa took the sims 3 off my account about month ago then told me I would have to wait until they fix the problem they closed my case down and didn’t let me know what happened or anything I still... Read more

Comments: 0

Suspended unfairly

Complaint from JiggyDieSon on 14 July 2023 about EA Games.

Been playing Fifa for some time now since early 2000s always been loyal to the game.Spent quite a bit of money this year on in game purchases. On 6 July ea suspended copy of email is included. I have contacted... Read more

Comments: 0

FIFA Is a great concept with a shit execution

Complaint from Jjj on 13 July 2023 about EA Games.

Where do I fing start. First of all, it seems the devs forgot there’s other game modes than ultimate team. The cash grab of a game mode is so pay to win, and no other game mode really gets an... Read more

Comments: 0

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