Complaint about EA Games?

Did you have a bad experience with EA Games? Maybe you had trouble with a game not working properly or crashing? Did you experience a problem with in-game purchases or microtransactions? Were you not satisfied with the customer service provided by EA? Or perhaps you had trouble with an online match or connection issues?

Whatever your EA Games complaint is about, submit it through our platform to show that you will not let your problem pass by quietly! In addition, we have our support community that may be able to help resolve your issue.

How to file a complaint about EA Games?

File your complaint through our hassle-free complaint form to maximize the chance of resolving it. We make sure your complaint get the attention it deserves!

EA Games customer service FAQ:

Why should I file a complaint about EA Games on is a platform where you can voice your concerns and complaints about any company, including EA Games. By filing a complaint on our platform, you can share your experience with others, get help from our community, and hold EA Games accountable for any issues or problems you may have encountered.

What kinds of complaints can I file about EA Games on

You can file any kind of complaint related to EA Games, such as issues with game performance, bugs, glitches, billing problems, poor customer service, and any other problems you may have experienced.

What are the most common complaints about EA Games?

According to the data of complaints we received through our platform, some common complaints about EA Games include:

  • Game performance issues: Some customers report that games run slowly or crash frequently.
  • Billing problems: Some customers report unexpected charges, difficulty getting refunds, or difficulty canceling subscriptions.
  • Customer service issues: Some customers report difficulty reaching EA Games' customer service representatives or receiving unsatisfactory responses to their inquiries.
  • Bugs and glitches: Some customers report encountering bugs or glitches that disrupt their gameplay experience.
  • In-game purchases: Some customers report that in-game purchases are too expensive or that the items they receive are not as advertised.

Can I expect compensation or a refund if I file a complaint about EA Games on

While we cannot guarantee compensation or refunds, filing a complaint could help ensure that your issue is addressed and resolved in a more timely and appropriate manner. EA Games may offer compensation or refunds as part of their resolution process.

How can I contact EA Games customer service directly?

After submitting your complaint through our platform, it's best to notify EA Games directly. You can contact EA Games customer service by calling +8664195766, by visiting their help section / community, or by reaching out to them through @EAHelp on Twitter.

Statistics of EA Games complaints in the category Gaming

8 complaints last year
1.4 /10
13 ratings

EA Games reviews:

Fifa 23

Complaint from on 07 February 2023 about EA Games in category Gaming

This game is horrendous can’t pass where you want or even play the game how you want scamming people out of money to buy coins to buy player and the packs you buy don’t have big players in which they... Read more

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Complaint against EA

Complaint from on 13 January 2023 about EA Games in category Gaming

Hello,I am writing to express my disappointment with FIFA 23 and to get a refund. There are only two modes really in this game: Ultimate team and Career mode. People play Ultimate Team so that they can play against other real people.... Read more

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Fasle ban without provding reason

Complaint from on 06 November 2022 about EA Games in category Gaming

Banned for multiple suspicious activities (in my eyes it means we hate you and we have some beef with you so we gonna ban you without direct reasons), I played for over 2000 hours spent 10,000 USD on this... Read more

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I got banned for my real name,

Complaint from on 07 September 2022 about EA Games in category Gaming

hi there,with most respect EA sent me an E-Mail that informed me that my name was hateful and I got banned for 168 hours.I am very shocked on this EA's behavior when this is my real name which is added... Read more

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The Sims 4 and EA Origins issue

Complaint from on 25 March 2022 about EA Games in category Gaming

EA Origins program is not allowing The Sims 4 to launch from Steam. I bought The Sims for and all DLC to play. But after download and install from Steam the game didn't launch. EA Origins needed to be installed.... Read more

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No pack

Complaint from on 06 November 2021 about EA Games in category Gaming

Brought a 25k pack on 1st November in the morning through the FIFA app on my phone.As soon as I purchased pack it logged me off so I logged back on and had no pack but coins had been taken. After... Read more

Comments: 0

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