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While Zynga is a popular platform known for its engaging games like Farmville and Zynga Poker, complaint data from our community highlights several recurring issues that players have been facing. Common complaints include account suspensions without clear justification, connectivity problems with games such as Farmville 2, and significant in-game losses attributed to glitches or unauthorized actions. Customers also report cases of deleted accounts, unresponsive technical support, and game freezes that disrupt their playing experience.

To avoid these issues, we strongly advise keeping detailed records of your interactions within the games and with customer service. If problems arise, immediately contact Zynga support, document all communications, and gather proof like screenshots or videos. Regularly save your game progress and consider linking your account to secure platforms to protect against data loss or unauthorized access.

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Zynga Customer Sentiment: Positive

While some customers may still be encountering a bad experience, our sentiment meter has detected a -100% decline in complaints about Zynga over the past 28 days compared to the average rate. This indicates an uptick in customer satisfaction, and signals a positive shift in customer feedback.

Sentiment data last updated on June 24, 2024

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We have received 1 complaints about Zynga over the last 12 months. The graph below shows a monthly breakdown.


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Zynga complaint: Unfairly banned account
Zynga complaint: Tech deleted my entire account when I tapped upgrade upgrade as requested by company
Zynga complaint: Zynga take my chips
Zynga complaint: Freezing up

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Bad reviews about Zynga: (14)

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Unfairly banned account

Complaint from Roxina on 17 April 2024 about Zynga.

I played fairly, never did anything wrong and my account was banned, with no explanatiom, even after I made purchases. I can't get my money back, nor play. Read more

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Pride month

Complaint from Cory002 on 02 June 2023 about Zynga.

I think it is disrespectful to put the pride month and add special features in game for pride month. People that are not gay dont get anything special. Its almost racist in a way. They could lose players over... Read more

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Account suspension

Complaint from Farshid Amini on 25 April 2023 about Zynga.

I have played poker on Zynga poker for 5 years. All the sudden, Zynga poker suspended my account for violation of selling or buying Chips. I wrote to Zynga customer support that I have never bought or sold Chips from... Read more

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Zynga false info

Complaint from Alex1987 on 06 April 2023 about Zynga.

The more money I spent in zynga poker store the less hands I win at the tables.I am facing series of loses when I have pretty much strong hands in poker but for 4 months(period I play zynga poker)it never... Read more

Comments: 0

Zynga poker

Complaint from Kds on 01 March 2023 about Zynga.

Impossible to win a game on Zynga poker.Its a total scam so that you purchase from Zynga. BOTS are playing the game and again no enjoyment in the game. I play Conservative and still did not win. A horrible experience and site to... Read more

Comments: 0

zygna has delete my zoo

Complaint from Eliane on 18 February 2023 about Zynga.

Hi, I have been playing at zygna, farmville country experes for a long time. There is also a zoo and that is what my complaint is about. I did my best to get this far with the zoo, I had... Read more

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money stolen 1.95 trillion

Complaint from nimmi on 08 February 2023 about Zynga.

My money has been stolen. My identity is stolen.When i enter the site is someone else. Cant enter the site through my e.mail Read more

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Stilling chips

Complaint from Arcisk on 04 February 2023 about Zynga.

Zinka poker close my account for several days and stole my chips Read more

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