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Complaints timeline

Will not load

Complaint from on 28 July 2020 about Rovio in category Gaming

Game keeps saying no internet connection but the tablet is working on all other applications and when it does run does not give you credit for score .Everytime you change the game somehow you screw it up for days. Read more

Lack of customer support

Complaint from on 16 July 2020 about Rovio in category Gaming

I have spent 2years and thousands of dollars playing Angry Birds 2 building up my bird power, gems and hats only to lose it all when my tablet broke. Bought a new tablet and tried recovering my account. NOTHING... Read more

Disappearing of gems

Complaint from on 04 June 2020 about Rovio in category Gaming

Hi there! The last few days I have been loosing gems when I actually did win them. They where taken away instead for adding them to my gems! The gems are to expensive to loose them this way! I hope you can do... Read more


Complaint from on 05 February 2020 about Rovio in category Gaming

I have seen this on forums hundreds of times with the comment that Rovio does not care at all. Angry Birds 1 crashes constantly in the Mighty League and especially once you've bought a power up. I have lost hundreds... Read more

Angry birds fandom

Complaint from on 12 December 2019 about Rovio in category Gaming

Rovio allowed their fans to get away with anything! I have found 29 fans who broke the player rules of conduct along with laws too and Rovio did NOT take action against them! I think they need to get their... Read more