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Complaints overview

Getting hanged anytime

Complaint from on 24 January 2022 about Rovio in category Gaming

Hi My player ID 408301581348 This game is getting hanged anytime nowadays. While playing arena or daily challenge or clan. My score getting deducted, rank going down. It's not pleasurable at all. Please help. Read more

Lost my flock power

Complaint from on 02 January 2022 about Rovio in category Gaming

I played 2 years ago I completed 150 levels , but when i recently opened and loggrd in it showed only 90 levels, Also recently my flock power decreased from 130 to 90 😡🤬🤬 Read more

Major glitch

Complaint from on 09 October 2021 about Rovio in category Gaming

I was playing in the arena and during my battle the person I was battling had five cards but zero points and when I completed the round it went to fast forward and got stuck on fast forward and I... Read more

Arena Event

Complaint from on 23 September 2021 about Rovio in category Gaming

My complaint is a very simple one! Whoever came up with the new scoring system for the Arena Event, must have been drunk! The new system is absolute rubbish and makes zero sense! Arena is no longer worth playing…It certainly won’t be... Read more

Angry Birds 2

Complaint from on 15 September 2021 about Rovio in category Gaming

1st thing is I always having issues watching a ad for my 15 Rubys it is not showing anything it tells me no ads are available but I go back and froth but it says the same thing. Then the... Read more