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Statistics of Rovio in the category Gaming

28 total complaints
2.9 /10
10 votes

Complaints timeline

Falsely banned.

Complaint from on 01 January 2021 about Rovio in category Gaming

My account has been outrageously banned after countless hours of effort on January 1, 2021. There is no reason for this, it must be an error. Please rectify this error as soon as possible. Player number 211152405185 Read more

New arena

Complaint from on 12 December 2020 about Rovio in category Gaming

The new arena is no longer is basically pay to play....shame on you...I will no longer participate and I freaking love angry birds 2 so it’s very sad for me Read more

No gems and no video

Complaint from on 29 November 2020 about Rovio in category Gaming

Hello, after the last point event when I collected my rewards I was supposed to get like 160 gems and they were never added to my account:(. Also had some trouble in tower of fortun with play on free video... Read more