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Complaint from on 01 May 2021 about Rovio in category Gaming

Going to set up a site to file a class action lawsuit against Rovio as you do nothing to repair the cons of your game. Read more

Being unfair in Arena

Complaint from on 06 February 2021 about Rovio in category Gaming

I played arena, I have the screenshot, I won with my opponent on the 3rd stage but after the game, they asked me if I want to play for 60 gems because I loose. I love Angry Bird but how... Read more


Complaint from on 21 January 2021 about Rovio in category Gaming

I started playing this game in 2019 - since then, I have made well over $500 in purchases. EACH AND EVERY TIME I HAVE MADE A PURCHASE, THE GAME GLADLY TAKES MY MONEY, YET FREEZES UPON DELIVERING MY ITEMS -... Read more

Falsely banned.

Complaint from on 01 January 2021 about Rovio in category Gaming

My account has been outrageously banned after countless hours of effort on January 1, 2021. There is no reason for this, it must be an error. Please rectify this error as soon as possible. Player number 211152405185 Read more