Burger King complaint: Rude unhelpful staff

Complaint from Smudger reported on 02 March 2024 about Burger King

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My complaint:

I wanted to order a large order and instead of using the new kiosk system went to the counter where I asked the girl behind the counter if I could place my order as I thought it would be quicker.She point blank refused and told me I should use the kiosk I explained I had a large order she then told me too use the kiosk again.I couldn’t believe how rude she was I was embarrassed and annoyed how she spoke to me in front of other customers and explained to her she had just lost a valuable customer and sale she definitely had no manners or customer care skills and will not be visiting this store in the near future

Suggested solution:

Encourage the staff to be polite and helpful

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Message from Bizzy from Complain.biz

1 month ago - Complaint is solved by Burger King

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