Lazada complaint: injustice

Complaint from Miri idris reported on 04 April 2024 about Lazada

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My complaint:


the problem started when i asked customer service to delete all products from my store.. the idea was to repopulate the store with new products.They delete the products from the store but request the closing of the store.. this happened without my authorization…

now the problem was that I wanted to get the money from the store … the service manager told me that I had to pay a tax on the profit which was 1600 dollars …he promised me pay the tax and you can withdraw the money from the store … pay the tax 1600 dollars .. I made a request to withdraw the money but it was rejected

I ask the manager again why my request was canceled … he replied that the system has closed your wallet for security reasons … and I have to deposit 3000 dollars in my account for the system to unlock the walletI trusted them and deposited 3000 dollars into the account … but the same thing again … I could not get the money from the walletthey again asked me to deposit 3000 dollars in my wallet … but now it was impossible for me to collect money again..

They had given me a deadline until March 31..if I didn’t pay that money, my money will be transferred to the name of the company and it will do charity with the money it took from me.

this is my story…I hope you will help me to get my money 🙏

Suggested solution:

I want that shop againto start work 100%

Lazada complaint injustice
Lazada complaint injustice
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Emily (@guest_7902)
8 days ago

Hello, I’m curious what happened to you after the deadline.