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While some customers may still be encountering a bad experience, our sentiment meter has detected a -72% decline in complaints about GO2bank over the past 28 days compared to the average rate. This indicates an uptick in customer satisfaction, and signals a positive shift in customer feedback.

Sentiment data last updated on December 3, 2023

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We have received 174 complaints about GO2bank over the last 12 months. The graph below shows a monthly breakdown.


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GO2bank reviews: (274)

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Account Closed over Zip code change

Complaint from Wrob67 on 26 November 2023 about GO2bank.

I contacted go2bank over a new card that I requested but I put in the wrong Zip code so I wanted to correct it now I have been with go2 bank for years and never had a problem but when... Read more

Comments: 0

Unfair Closure of Account

Complaint from jmcclay on 20 November 2023 about GO2bank.

Last week I had received a 3k ACH deposit into my Go2bank account which I then proceeded to spend about half of that amount leaving me with about $1550.00 in my balance. The following day I simply made an attempt... Read more

Comments: 0

These are theives!!

Complaint from Monica G on 19 November 2023 about GO2bank.

Greendot bank (go2 bank) is stealing from 1000s of consumers. No help over the phone if you're lucky to talk to someone. They close out your account then claim they're sending a check in the mail its a different... Read more

Comments: 0

Cash advance fees

Complaint from Megmetro64 on 09 November 2023 about GO2bank.

Ok i have a complaint about the cash advance fees or transaction fees I've been charged and sudden overdraft I've been charged. I noticed several transaction fees on my account that when I confronted the charges to a CSR they... Read more

Comments: 0

unauthorized transaction

Complaint from frankposton on 02 November 2023 about GO2bank.

somebody took 400 dollars off my card from a 7 eleven in Los Angeles on 10/23/2023 while i was at work i called the bank filed a dispute form and on 10/26/2023 i get an email telling me i am... Read more

Comments: 0

MAJOR Credit Card Issues!

Complaint from diamondms on 24 October 2023 about GO2bank.

Go2Bank continuously messes with my secured credit card account by doubling purchases, authorizing purchases that are cancelled by merchants, charging more to each transaction, locking my account when large amounts are being processed, messing up my credit limit and available... Read more

Comments: 0

Close scciunt

Complaint from Spotteehorse on 24 October 2023 about GO2bank.

I'm trying to close my account 15217039824659, with GO2 bank. I wrote a letter two weeks ago to them requesting them tol close my account. I removed my Direct Deposit but they Keep deducting fees overdrawing the account . ... Read more

Comments: 0

Been waiting 3 days for my provisional credit!

Complaint from Chelshorne on 21 October 2023 about GO2bank.

I filed a dispute on the 29th of September. They told me 10 business days, I could get my provisional credit. On the 11th day, I called and they told me I had to wait until the 16th because there... Read more

Comments: 0

Locked account

Complaint from Tollettbrandon3@gmail.com on 17 October 2023 about GO2bank.

For 5 months now I have been calling go2bank and asking for my $90's that was on my account. Due to some text error they shut my card off and won't let me have my money. Over 20 times I... Read more

Comments: 0

Lock my account

Complaint from Curtis strshlman on 17 October 2023 about GO2bank.

And I spelled first name wrong it's been 4 months no money $372 pictures of ID and social security numbers I have sent them still nothing Read more

Comments: 0

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